Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

The more you know~

Some interesting things I learned from research while translating Gurren Lagann stuff today:

-I noticed that Enkidu has an attack called エンキラッガー that Viral tries to use in Gurren-hen (it wasn't named in the TV series). I wondered how I should romanize it and started to research it. Turns out the crest thingy on Enkidu's head is itself called エンキラッガー and the attack involves him pulling it out and using it as a weapon. Then I found out that this crest thing was a homage to Ultra Seven. Ultra Seven has an attack using the crest on its head called the "Eye Slugger," which has also been incorrectly referred to as "Ice Lugger."

So in the end, I decided to go with "Enki Lugger." :)

-In the second drama CD, Viral refers to Rossiu using the phrase "osore iriya no kishibojin." (恐れ入谷の鬼子母神) Looking up "kishibojin," I found out that's the name of a Buddhist goddess. First reaction: "What the heck? How do I translate this??" I continued looking and eventually found this. Turns out it's a play on words. The basic meaning is "to be awed/amazed." "Iriya" is an actual place in Tokyo, and "Kishibojin" is the deity of a famous temple in Iriya.

So not only have I gotten that figured out, but I've found an online databank for Japanese proverbs! \o/ SUCCESS!

EDIT: This drama CD makes me so hungry for ramen each time I listen to it. D:
Tags: gurren lagann, research, translation

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