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More fanfic rambling

I just finished planning another future Gurren Lagann fic; this one is basically a complete rewrite of the Teppelin arc, with major differences being Nia fighting along with the beastmen and Kamina still being alive past the capture of Daiganzan. I know the latter has been done a lot, but I plan on going into detail on the repercussions it would have on Simon's development. My goal is to try giving Simon the growth he needs without killing Kamina, by making Simon and Nia catalysts for each others' development.

The story finally fell into place once I gave up forcing Kamina into being the main character. It was getting to be a problem because I found myself all excited planning Simon's character arc, yet totally neglecting Kamina's, and I just didn't have enough ideas to justify putting that much focus on him. But now that I've brought Kamina down to having a more minor role, I've been able to come up with a way to flesh him out in a way that even I find exciting. So that makes me happy.

The only problem now is that I don't know what to do with Yoko. I have a few scenes in mind for her, but other than that, at this rate she's just going to end up being Kamina's back-up/girlfriend/confidant the whole story, which makes me feel kinda bad. I mean, I'm even doing more with Viral and Rossiu than her. I can't seem to come up with a story for her without Kamina being dead. Would it be forgiveable since I'm using her so much in Sound of Pulling Heaven Down...? :(

Anyway, I won't be starting this fic until after I've finished SoPHD and watched Lagann-hen, so I still have a lot of time to think over it.

...I also just had another idea for a fic based on the Parallel Works 1 AU. I was already planning a fic using that AU that's mostly fluff and adventure, but this new idea involves Princess Nia turning into a witch a la Messenger Nia. I kinda hate myself for that, since this is supposed to be the happily-ever-after AU. :( I'm not sure whether I'm going to actually write it; it's tempting, might hurt too.
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