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Random Ramblings~

Stupid FMA, making me obsessed. Stupid RPG, taking over my life. ><

I don't expect anyone to read all this because it is mainly for my benefit. In the past couple of months my grades have dropped significantly, and I believe this is because I've lost sight of my goals. And I haven't written (or even thought about) my original stories in far too long, which is problematic.
SO! I've created a meme for myself so that I could retrace my steps and get back on the right track, because after all this is an important stage of my life and I REFUSE to succumb to Senioritis so early on dammit! >(
Oh, and on a less optimistic note, if I die young, you can all read this at my funeral. :D
And so:

My Slap-in-the-Face Meme!

What do I want to accomplish in my life?
I want to publish novels!

Because creativity is my greatest asset and I see no other use for it than to share it with others. Notice that I don't really like writing; I just tend to be good at it which is why I chose it for my storytelling medium.

Do I want to go to college? If so, why?
Yes, mainly because in this day and age it seems like a mistake not to, and also because I need life experience and want to learn more about the things that interest me.

What do I want to major in?
Creative Writing. OR Anthropology, depending on the college. I also want to take a minor in Japanese so I could improve on reading and writing.

If unsuccessful in my life's goal, what other options do I have?
I suppose I could translate anime. I've already had experience, though I'm entirely self-taught, and it is something that I enjoy.
I could also be a World History teacher so I could inspire others in the subject like I was inspired in the 8th grade. I wouldn't earn much, but I'm the sort of laid-back person who would be comfortable with a middle class income and I'd be teaching what I love.

What sexual orientation do I have?
I'm not a lesbian, that's for certain, because I do like guys. Still undecided on whether I'm bi or not, because sometimes I do find girls attractive, but I can never imagine myself being with any of them. :/ I definetly like guys more.

Do I want to get married?
Yes, that would be nice. :) I'm introverted for the most part, but I'd hate to live alone forever, especially since mom won't be around my whole life. :(
In fact, I already have a good idea of what my ideal husband would be like. This is partly influenced from the Chinese Zodiac table mat I got from a restaurant several years ago. I don't actually believe in it because not everyone my age has the same characteristics. However, it's pretty accurate when it comes to my mom and dad, and I think I make a good rabbit. =:3 *munches on carrots*
But the point is, according to the Chinese Zodiac, my ideal mate would either be a Sheep or a Boar, and I'm ignoring everything having to do with birth years and concentrating on the characteristics here. The Boar type sounds like a hero kind of guy and that would be awfully romantic, but it also looks to be a rocky relationship. The Sheep, on the other hand, sounds like he would really compliment my personality.
But this is all speculation; I have to actually meet someone first. ^^;

Do I want to have children?
I'll probably have to wait a few more years before I can answer this because at this point, pregnancy scares me. D:
Though if I ever DO have kids, I only want one or two. I wouldn't be able to handle anymore than that.

Where do I want to live in the future?
Somewhere in the United States. I love England, but after only 10 days I became incredibly homesick. And not Japan, because I don't know anyone there besides my relatives and it'd be a challenge to get started living on my own. Plus how in the world will I publish English books there?!
Also, somewhere with a mild climate. I do want to go back to Santa Fe sometime, but I cannot live long without being surrounded by trees. ^_^ Pennsylvania might be nice.

That's it for now. I might add some more later, because I'm saving this in my Memories so I could always look back in case I need another reality-slap. Which would be often. D:

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