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Things that are awesome

1. Darker than BLACK gets a new manga!

I am SO excited for this. It's by the character designer!!!! I've been wishing this would happen ever since I read that abomination that was the first manga. Hopefully it will be done properly this time! And it's starting this month! Eeeeee! *__*

2. The Blind Alchemist and other Fullmetal Alchemist omake get animated for the DVD release!

YESSSSS another dream come true! *__* This means all the other Gaidens will be animated too, right?! FUNimation's DVDs better have all the extras, because I will buy every one of them.

In other manga-related news, I still need to check out that new manga by the creator of Hellsing. And last I heard, the creator of Emma was making a new historical manga...has that even come out yet?
Tags: anime, darker than black, fma, manga

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