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Oh, crap. I almost forgot that the new episode of Fullmetal Alchemist is going to be airing in like...two hours. X__X Should I even try going to sleep?? Or maybe I should just stay up all night/morning again...I've only had a few hours of sleep since Friday, but I don't feel very tired at the moment.

I spent nearly the whole day with my head in a haze, crying every time I listened to "Seed of Tears, Flower of Smiles" and remembering all the reasons why Gurren Lagann has become my favorite anime. Basically, the same mindset I was in the day after I first watched episode 27. God, I'm such a nerd.

Anyway, getting to the point of this post. I love pretty much everything that was done with Simon and Nia in Gurren-hen's new scenes, but after rewatching it, this part stuck out to me:

It's when they're all calling out their names toward the end. Simon says Nia's name, and she jolts in surprise, then turns dere dere as he says his own. It's like in that instant Nia realizes she's just been welcomed into the Gurren Brigade. Of course, she's welcomed formally by Yoko later when they're at Kamina's grave, but the way Simon includes her in the group so off-handedly here, and how it both surprises her and makes her's subtle, and it works.

I really want to make an icon of this, but it's a wide shot and I don't want to cut out either of them. D: Oh well.

Also, the movie commentary was hilarious. XD Nakashima constantly making up utter nonsense, everyone picking on Kakihara, the staff pointing out fun little details in the animation... I love these guys, they're all such total geeks and have so much enthusiasm. ♥ I'm also intrigued by Nakashima's comment about how they envisioned Rossiu as a prodigy from the beginning, but didn't have room to fit much of that into the series, and as a result he evolved from a genius character to a troubled one. Makes me want to use that in a fanfic somehow...
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