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Lagann-hen Extensive Review Translation


Second, I found a detailed review of the movie. Source is here.


Lord Genome's defeat.
Generally, I was anticipating this, but they defeat him right in the beginning.
They cruise through it in terms of length and theme.
If you want to see Simon VS Lord Genome done properly, watch the TV version.
But in a good and bad way, Lord Genome ended up becaming a charming bearded old man.

[From Teppelin to Kamina City]

Right from the start there are new scenes with additions for the "7-year gap."
The story of how the Dai-Gurren Brigade, having defeated Lord Genome, build Kamina City.
It seems in the beginning they were using Gunmen from the beastmen army to do the work.
By the way, Enkidudu appears before you know it and is beaten up before you know it.

With those various things, seven years pass.
The exposition starts with Nia writing a letter to Kamina.
That was nice. Though it might be I'm just remembering the times they appeared together in alternate universes such as in school.
Nia knows that Yoko is a teacher too. Actually, it seems Nia is the only one she told about it.

Simon proposing to Nia is a new scene.
Of course, there's still the "No way," but it's different.
But rather than Simon and Nia, my eyes couldn't help but be drawn to Boota trying to eat a worm.
Boota, you're so cute.
Come to think of it, there was no Boota transformation scene.

Nia dreams of "planting flowers."
And "humans trying to go to the moon" is what activates the Humanity Annihilation System.
In the TV version it was "the human population reaching one million," but strangely that's been changed.
And Nia transforms into the Messenger in front of Simon's eyes.
In the TV version she transformed where Simon couldn't see her, but the Messenger's impression has been strengthened in the movie.
That also goes for the skirmishes with the Mugann.

Large parts of the 3rd arc have been cut.
The TV version also focused on Rossiu, Kittan, and Yoko, but in Lagann-hen Simon's mentality is much easier to understand.
Scenes like Kittan-tachi getting in a fight at a bar, Simon being tormented by the prisoners in prison, and the anger of the citizens toward the Dai-Gurren Brigade is easy to understand too.
"Feelings that were once turned toward Lord Genome and the beastmen army are now being turned onto Simon and the Dai-Gurren Brigade" being explained by Dayakka rather than Rossiu is also easy to understand.
By the way, Viral saving Simon from being tormented in prison was laughable.
Being attacked by Messenger Nia, calling her a Spiral Princess at the end...well, that's Viral for you.

Rinkarne prison was on a "solitary island" in the TV version, but in Lagann-hen it's "in the depths of the underground."
The composition of "Simon, who once pierced the heavens, is now being pushed back underground" was easy to understand.
Well, I liked the 3rd arc, but Lagann-hen's been made more easy to understand and it's nice.
Or rather, the 3rd arc itself had some parts that were dull. The skirmishes with the Mugann didn't work for releasing catharsis.
How they persistently kept the focus on "Simon's revival" was easy to understand.

The way Simon seemed to have completely given up was also nice.
Rossiu will surely be able to do something. There's nothing left for me to do.
It was interesting to see how that tied into Rossiu's attempted suicide.
How Kinon rather than Simon stopped Rossiu's suicide attempt was also good in the end.

Leaving things to Rossiu, Simon tries to seal away his Spiral power.
But then he learns from Messenger Nia that Rossiu couldn't even save himself.
Reuniting with Yoko and the others, with Viral as a comrade, Simon heads to pierce the skies once more.

The "Arc Gurren-Lagann VS Cathedral Lazengann" that was revealed in news beforehand occurs after they defeat the KuuKyoMugann.
Arc Gurren-Lagann uses a drill too.
As Cathedral Lazengann tries to lay a punch on the Earth, Lord Genome hacks into it.
Everyone should see the scene where Lord Genome does the hacking. That made me laugh.

Well, the developments were fast.
Immediately after they defeat Cathedral Lazengann, they find the Anti-Spiral home planet using the ring, and begin planning the attack at once.
Rossiu attempts suicide inside Cathedral Terra (Chouginga Dai-Gurren) and is stopped by Kinon. But he stays behind.
And then it becomes Chouginga Gurren-Lagann and they go to attack.

[The one that surpasses Tengen Toppa]

In the end, only Kittan and Nia die this time.

First, Kittan dies.
In order to cross the ocean of the Spiral graveyard, King Kittan uses Giga Drill Break and he entrusts his spirit to Simon.
Because there would be no meaning unless he jeopardizes his life. After everything is settled, there is a shot of his sisters crying over his portrait and holding a memorial service along with a photo of King Kittan.
In the parallel universe, the "Who are you?" joke is used again.
Well, I'm sure Kamina does actually remember him though.

Conversely, Zoushi, Kidd, Ailac, Jorgun & Balinbow, and Makken don't die.
In the parallel universe, Zoushi, Kidd, and Ailac pick turnips, and Jorgun and Balinbow cradle children.
I don't remember Makken's, but I think he's included with Leite in the parent's day at school.
Well, killing them off had been called "disposing inferior stock," and there wasn't time for it anyway.
But it was nice.
I like those guys, and they were active in scenes up to the very end.

But I laughed at Anti-Spiral appearing from a crack in the dimension.

Anyway, the Dai-Gurren Brigade revives with Aniki Power.
The no-good Kamina in the parallel universe was made to be more annoying.

And having revived, the Dai-Gurren Brigade forms Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.
Anti-Spiral also forms Granzeboma.
For a moment, its eyes were drills. So you're also a Spiral Race after all.
At first it looks like they were going to exchange blows like usual, but Anti-Spiral tells them "If you kill me, you will also kill that Irregular (Nia)!"
Simon-tachi are shocked.
And Anti-Spiral goes to defeat them thoroughly.

But they haven't given up!
Simon hasn't given up either!
Nia has own personal Gunmen and goes Tengen Toppa! I forgot its name but I think its the one in the Nia photobook (which I don't own).

Furthermore, Viral also pilots an Enki gone Tengen Toppa!
Yoko also pilots a Tengen Toppa Yoko W Tank (it's been enhanced so it evolves from M to W)!
Twin Bokkun, Kidnuckle, Ainzer, Sozoushi, Moushougun have all also gone Tengen Toppa!
Even Chouginga Dai-Gurren becomes "Tengen Toppa Chouginga Dai-Gurren."

Ahh, I see what they meant with "Toei Manga Matsuri" now.
Just going Tengen Toppa doesn't make it good!
Well, everyone played a role in the climax of Gurren-hen too, so it's the same of Lagann-hen.
The all-out war aspect is strong.

Anti-Spiral unleashes the Infinity Big Bang Storm.
Lazengann holds it back, and entrusts the energy to Simon.
And then the Tengen Toppa Gunmen all combine again.

And that is the Tengen Toppa that surpasses Tengen Toppa.
Super Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

A super-giant Gunmen that surpasses even Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.
Or rather, is that even a Gunmen anymore?
It doesn't even look like a mecha anymore!
It's a body of green energy.

Not to be defeated, Anti-Spiral also increases in size.
Against the Giga Drill Break unleashed by Super Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, Super Anti-Spiral also unleashes a Giga Drill Break.
And then the matryoshka scene.

From Super Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann's drill comes Tengen Toppa's drill.
From Tengen Toppa's drill comes Chouginga's drill.
From Chouginga's drill comes Arc's drill.
And from Arc's drill comes Gurren-Lagann.
Viral does a Cannonball Attack.

In the end, thrown by Lagann, Simon comes to punch Anti-Spiral.
Anti-Spiral also challenges him with its own body.
Simon and Anti-Spiral exchange blows in the flesh.
This isn't even a robot anime anymore, is it?
Well, that's fine. That's Gurren Lagann after all.

And Anti-Spiral is defeated.
Now you must also protect this universe.....

[And to the end]

Nia entrusts her diary to Yoko.
And Simon and Nia have their wedding.
Nia disappears due to the defeat of the Anti-Spirals.
They knew it would happen, but she couldn't escape her fate.

But Simon is not god.
He has no intention of bringing back the dead.
Aniki, Kittan, and Nia live on inside Simon.

"We were happy," says Simon.
And he leaves along with Boota.

As Shokotan's "Seed of Tears, Flower of Smiles" plays, Simon as a boy and Boota gradually climb upward.
They gradually climb up like in Gurren-hen's ED, and at the end they find a single blooming flower.
Pulling on his cape, Simon, who has now become a young man, and Boota continue climbing up.

Then twenty years after.
Simon continues digging holes.
Just as it was in the novel version, Simon makes his livelihood by digging wells for parched villages.
To the thankful residents, Simon says "Please grow some flowers."
On the radio, there is news that President Rossiu will hold a peace conference for the Spiral Races.

At the end, Simon watches the fleet heading to the peace conference with a boy he met.
They aren't leaving to fight. They're leaving to make friends.
All the lights in the heavens are stars.
Saying that, Simon and Boota look up at the sky.



So this is the final form of "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann."
Yes, it certainly does cut the unnecessary information from the TV version, and incorporates material from the manga, novels, and various alternate universe spin-offs.
Because they persistently stuck to telling just Simon's story, the story felt kind of refreshing.
Rather, they might have been holding back on the "stuffing everything in" state that was in Gurren-hen.

I didn't think they would expand things even beyond Tengen Toppa.
But that's Gurren Lagann. It can't be helped because it's Gurren Lagann.

In the end, I was even able to accept Nia disappearing.
I was able to understand why Simon accepted it in my heart.
But I think that's how it should be.

I can't forget the single "End" letter at the end.
Ahh, so it's really over.
Simon's story has ended there.
I think that's how it should be.
He got discouraged so many times, but he still broke through in the end.
And that's really enough.

Thank you.

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