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Lagann-hen Spoiler Post

The first screening should be over soon, so mind as well get this post up now. I'll be putting spoilers here as I find them on 2ch~


J:AFIOJFWOEIHGWOUEGOQGWPTUHWO*T(W OMG OMGOMG. I didn't actually expect them to do it. O_O

Reactions should be coming soon oh god I haven't been so excited since I watched the last episodes live fjdkjfg;okjadljasig.


"It was was body is at its limits!
The first Kichijouji screening is over~ There was applause at the end.
From beginning to end, the sound of peoples' noses running did not stop."

"The final battle, it made me feel tired watching it...(laugh)"

"The tears won't stop...
The final battle got me fired up and it was great"

"So, what happened to Nia in the end?!"
"She disappeared.
But a mecha was prepared for her and she got to be active."

*simultaneous BAWWW and FUCK YEAH*

"Tengen Toppa was a bargain sale, wasn't it (laugh)
I'm disappointed they didn't have the Rossiu-grit-your-teeth! scene, but it was fun"

From the Simon thread:
"The black no-sleeve shirt got a lot of screentime
The Commander being bullied. ・゚・(ノД`)・゚・
There was a scene of the Captain fighting hand-to-hand
Anyway, it was so cool my voice won't work (;´Д`)ハァハァ "


"I finished watching.
I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to see old man Rossiu's chin on the screen, but it was still well worth it.
The Gurren-dan got a lot more to do so I'm satisfied."

"Lord Genome got more screentime with Cathedral Terra.
Due to his unexpected actions the theater became full of laughter
Also Yoko and Nia's nipples"

"Chouginga's introduction scene was redrawn and it was cool"

"The 3rd arc's editing was really well done.
I was dissatisfied with Gurren-hen, but for the first time in a long time I felt like I was watching Gurren!"

"It was hot.
But I feel like I ate a mountain-load of truffle, caviar, and foie gras all at the same time, and I have heartburn."


"I saw it.
The final battle in particular was on the level of a new production and I was very satisfied.
I haven't measured it exactly, but I think the Anti-Spiral fight alone took up 30 minutes.
It was mostly new animation, so look forward to it!"

"Just finished seeing it at Sapporo. I cried at the part with Kittan and Aniki. The people around me were crying too.
But we laughed at Lord Genome"

"There was new animation of Aniki in the parallel universe. Just a little though."

"I cried at the new animation when Simon escapes from the parallel universe"

"First screening @ Kyoto is over
It was amazing...there was one climax after another and I'm burned out. But it was appropriate for a final battle.
I finally understand the meaning of the theme song's title.
Now I'm going to go watch it a second time."


"I get the feeling Love Conservative wasn't played once.
I think there were two important scenes where they didn't play it."

"It was wonderful.
I already liked Nia from the beginning, but now she's become my most favorite heroine in all anime, manga, books, and movies I've seen up to now.
She was I can agree to that ending."

"Not sure how I should say this, but Nia's disappearance is easier to accept now?
In the TV version, I thought 'Simon, you're okay with that?' but with the new scenes I was able to accept it as the only conclusion possible.
I think when I see that part at home, I'll cry without a doubt."

"The final battle was incredible too, but with the scene before the wedding and the lyrics of the theme song and Hiramatsu's Simon during the credits, the staff is really dirty. My tear glands are collapsing goddamn you."


Okay, from some comments it sounds like Kittan and Kamina have a comedic scene together??? And Lord Genome in 3DCG causing people to laugh? What??

Seems they don't show Gimmy, Darry, and Viral going to the Galactic Spiral Conference at the end either...

Lazengann plays an active role in the 4th arc portion...

"I cried at all the possible parallel universes. Don't put so many in there! It makes me cry!!"

The comments are coming slower now and more redundant... Please stop posting lies on /a/, anonymous. :/

"It was seriously great.
It was fully loaded with new scenes and the fight at the end was great.
Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Granzeboma's final form at the end are probably the strongest in robot history in terms of fighting ability.
He was saying 'Of course, why don't you try believing in humans' to Anti-Spiral at the end, but I liked the TV version's 'Of course, humans aren't so foolish' better.
Kamikawa-san's acting was very good.
I'll be buying the DVD of course!"

"There were images from the Gurrepala among the parallel universes.
I cried at seeing ○○○ holding a baby."
"I hate the staff who put that in."
"Thanks to that I cried for real."

GAINAX ;__________;

"It was so good it's not even comparable to Gurren-hen."

From the Simon thread:
"There was a Simon in a school uniform in the parallel universes.
There was also the prince from the Gurrepala."

From the Viral thread:
"I laughed at the new prison scene."

"Does Arc Gurren-Lagann not have much of a role again?"
"It used a Giga Drill and had new scenes"

"It was so amazing I went to watch it a second I'm really tired.
I laughed so hard at Lord Genome I actually spat out my coffee
And I'm wearing white clothing so it was the worst
The second time I watched it I was covered in coffee"

Uh, wow. XD

"Finished watching it.
Huh? Wasn't the whole thing new?"
"It's hard looking for which parts are the same, they added effects and had a lot of scenery changes."

My favorite blogger posted with an extensive review!!!!
*off to read it*

Translated the review over here!

I'm going to bed now. When I wake up I'll post again with my own thoughts and maybe some more translations from 2ch if they reveal any new details.

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