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Quick thought before I go to bed

You know, I've never been much for writing fanfic as a fandom activity. I mean, I did it sometimes, but it was only an occasional thing. Partly because I never got much attention for it, and my inspiration would run dry before I could get very far in writing. And I wrote mostly short one-shot genfic. That stuff is hardly ever popular.

Gurren Lagann is really the only fandom where I've been inspired enough to keep writing and coming up with ideas. I mean...I love Fullmetal Alchemist, but I never could find an idea to explore at length in fanfic (canon satisfied me enough). But with Gurren Lagann I have almost too many ideas, and the fandom lacks fanfic in such a way that anything I write probably wouldn't have been done yet. And now I've got one fanfic that's achieved a decent amount of popularity (more than I've gotten before anyway).

The problem now is that the majority of my ideas revolve around the same two characters in some way. I know it's not wrong that I find the most inspiration in Simon and Nia; they are my favorite characters, after all. And why should I write about something that doesn't interest me? But I still feel...I dunno, unoriginal? Repetitive? Like I've suddenly become a ship ficcer?

Because really. If I were to request or write something in the Kink Meme again, it would be Simon/Nia. It's almost embarrassingly obvious. Even the few genfic ideas I've come up with still end up having some hints of Simon/Nia.

I guess what I'm trying to say is...I'm not used to this. And I know it's stupid, but I feel lame about it. .__.;

EDIT: Just to demonstrate what I'm talking about, here's a list of ideas that I've already worked on in some amount but haven't finished yet:

-Simon/Nia fic during both timeskips; one-shot; romance w/ some gen; kinda lost inspiration.
-7-year timeskip fic; multi-chapter; mostly gen; still in planning/kinda lost inspiration.
-Nia is a Gunmen pilot AU; multi-chapter; mostly gen; still in planning.
-Parallel Works 1 AU; multi-chapter; mostly gen; stuck on the first chapter.
-Parallel Works 3 AU; one-shot; romantic darkfic; still in planning.
-Garlock/Canon!Nia; possible multi-chapter; not sure I want to do this anymore (am getting tired of writing Garlock).
-Drama CD AU; one-shot; mostly gen; rethinking some elements after listening to new drama CD.
-Post-movie fic; one-shot; mostly gen; waiting for Lagann-hen spoilers before finishing it.

"Mostly gen" means that the fic would be gen if it weren't for the fact that I can't help but insert Simon/Nia. :|
Tags: fanfiction, gurren lagann

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