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I noticed another thing about FMA episode 3. If anyone remembers my Ed's clothing analysis from a long time ago...

Well. In the Lior chapters of the manga, Ed wore his middle-to-later period clothing, the sleeveless black jacket with no undershirt. In episode 3 of the new anime, Ed is wearing his clasp jacket with black undershirt. Technically, if it were following the manga timeline, he should have been wearing his sleeveless black jacket through episodes 1-3.

That would be a really unnecessary nitpick, if it weren't for the fact that the animators seem to have forgotten Ed's change in clothing themselves. When he takes his coat off, suddenly the clasp jacket's disappeared, leaving only his ripped undershirt.

Yes, it's not important. But I find it funny, especially since (of all things) the previous anime was very faithful to Ed's clothing timeline. XD

Anyway, I am dubbing this week Gurren Lagann Week. The Gurren-hen DVD and Kamina&Simon artbook is coming out on Wednesday. Lagann-hen comes out in theaters on Saturday, which means I'll probably be spending a lot of time over the weekend reading spoilers. >_>;

I started a discussion on the movie. I've been wanting to do more discussions over on the simon_nia comm (such as on various AU versions of the pairing), but I get afraid that hardly anyone will comment and I'll end up feeling lame. :[ So I guess I'll see how this discussion goes first. (Oh GL fandom, why you be so quiet.)

I'm kinda surprised at myself for how excited I am over the new drama CD. It's almost right next to Lagann-hen in my levels of excitement. Well, it has been over one year since the first one. And it was ridiculously fun for being a highschool AU (I certainly like it a lot better than the Gurren Gakuen manga). I guess I'm just really eager to see more of this version of the characters (especially Viral, Rossiu, Nia, and Simon). 30 minutes were not enough. Man, I hope they make another drama CD when Lagann-hen comes out on DVD too...

There's been one early review, which describes it as having "hotness that surpasses Otoko Ippiki Gurren Lagann. Rather, (in a good way) it's uncomfortably hot." AHHH IS IT WEDNESDAY YET.

EDIT: AHHHHH some people on 2ch have already gotten the Gurren-hen DVD!! *starts freaking out*
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