Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: FMA Episode 2

So tobu_ishi and I watched it together. The following is our reactions while watching, and then my thoughts as I watched it a second time.

tobu_ishi:: ....DNA?
tobu_ishi:'s HOW BABIES ARE BORN. XD
tobu_ishi: When a man and a woman transmute a bunch of scary red faces together...
Me: good, they actually do explain alchemy now
Me: XD
tobu_ishi: Still, wtf visuals?
Me: I dunno, I like it?
tobu_ishi: I do, too!
tobu_ishi: I just can't help chuckling.
tobu_ishi: Why couldn't we have had FMA visuals for our Human Growth and Development class?
tobu_ishi: Would have been so much cooler. XD
Me: XD
tobu_ishi: --I love tiny Ed sleeping with his tummy exposed, btw
Me: me too!
tobu_ishi: Aha, back on the train
tobu_ishi: This is so natsukashii
Me: ah, wait I'm not there yet D: *had paused the video*
tobu_ishi: sorry!
tobu_ishi: *pauses*
tobu_ishi: tell me when you get to THE BOOK
Me: omg pretty scenery! train!
tobu_ishi: Al's armor is scarier this time
tobu_ishi: XD
tobu_ishi: FANGITY FANG
Me: more Lior foreshadowing!
tobu_ishi: book?
Me: I'm there!
tobu_ishi: rock
tobu_ishi: ....wheelchair ;_;
Me: "Xerxes"! illustrations! music! *major squeeing*
tobu_ishi: BIRDIE
tobu_ishi: Aww, Trisha
tobu_ishi: you're so sweet
tobu_ishi: and much more...vigorous, this time?
Me: aargh I keep getting behind because I have to keep pausing the video to write a comment D:
tobu_ishi: sorry!
tobu_ishi: I'm just writing as I watch
tobu_ishi: *pauses* poke me when you get to NOT OUR DAD?
Me: "Philosopher of the East"!
Me: kay
tobu_ishi: spazzing in the wheelchair is cute though
Me: I think I'm caught up now?
tobu_ishi: k
Me: woah she's dead already DD:
tobu_ishi: yeah...
tobu_ishi: not wasting time
Me: nice music though!
tobu_ishi: lil!Winry!
Me: ah Winry!
Me: ...Winry doesn't really feel like...Winry in that scene
tobu_ishi: haha, it's like they're chewing them up
Me: ahaha XD
Me: it's going to take some time for me to get used to Winry's new voice
tobu_ishi: Hee, Al is much more genki
tobu_ishi: But Winry seems...
tobu_ishi: almost too femmy?
Me: aw!
tobu_ishi: Hopefully she'll tough up
tobu_ishi: I love Al's YATTA!
Me: yay Ed narration!
tobu_ishi: haha, now you're ahead of me
tobu_ishi: aha!
Me: oops XD;
tobu_ishi: Izumi!
Me: this episode is moving faaast
tobu_ishi: yeah, wow...
tobu_ishi: woah, creepy crow
Me: omg creepy
tobu_ishi: they ain't half putting on the atmosphere, are they? XD
Me: yeah...
Me: *winces at finger-cutting part*
tobu_ishi: ooh
tobu_ishi: creepy darkness tendrils
tobu_ishi: WOAH
tobu_ishi: EYEBALL
tobu_ishi: ...messed.
tobu_ishi: Up.
tobu_ishi: ....SHINRI
Me: its voice!
tobu_ishi: stop saying my NAME
tobu_ishi: CREEPY THING
tobu_ishi: >: (
tobu_ishi: whoa, eyeball again
tobu_ishi: piano music....not as cool as I'd hoped
tobu_ishi: getting better though
tobu_ishi: CREEPYFACE
tobu_ishi: ....Al's clothes! ;A;
tobu_ishi: oh dear
tobu_ishi: ---man oh man.
tobu_ishi: It
tobu_ishi: Wowza.
Me: DDD:
tobu_ishi: aah
tobu_ishi: 11:38 face
Me: *pauses for a sec*
tobu_ishi: Wow.
tobu_ishi: On the one hand, moving way too fast for me. >.>
Me: I'm a bit disappointed that they didn't include Ed vomiting when he saw the thing, that part always struck me as sad and realistic in the manga : (
tobu_ishi: On the other hand, once they started dwelling 'lovingly' on the events after he got flung back out into the real world?
tobu_ishi: alfkdsjlgk
tobu_ishi: They topped out the first series for awful
tobu_ishi: and for drama
tobu_ishi: I guess they didn't want to animate throwing up? I dunno.
Me: seriously, my face was just "D:" the whole time
tobu_ishi: -_-
tobu_ishi: Al's clothes.
tobu_ishi: There is something so pathetic and awful about those empty clothes.
tobu_ishi: And they left the tidy alchemical perforations around Ed's skin
Me: I liked how they made Truth mouth out "renkinjutsushi"
tobu_ishi: Truth is creepyface.
tobu_ishi: I wish they'd devoted more time to really pacing those segments, though
Me: me too
tobu_ishi: The imagery is amazing, but it feels like they're sprinting past it too fast to establish much of a mood
Me: a lot of the effect is lost
tobu_ishi: Yeah...
tobu_ishi: Pacing, pacing, pacing.
tobu_ishi: Y'know what really squicked me?
Me: especially compared to the manga, where you could choose your own pace and I could get a giggle out of Truth being like "oh shut up"
tobu_ishi: The way the thing reached for him, and its arm seemed to break under its own spindly weight and just flop down and bleed out.
Me: DD: yes
tobu_ishi: They did a great job of animating it to look truly unnatural and fundamentally broken
tobu_ishi: okay, ready to move on?
Me: yup!
tobu_ishi: let's enjoying!
Me: more Hughes?
Me: and we're back in the present?
tobu_ishi: Hee!
tobu_ishi: Apparently.
tobu_ishi: And talking about Isaac again.
tobu_ishi: ...see, this scene is nicely paced!
Me: Central HQ in the window!
tobu_ishi: Leisurely and atmospheric.
tobu_ishi: Do more of that, writers!
tobu_ishi: okay, back to the past
tobu_ishi: ....oh, lord, his face
Me: the sign outside of the Rockbell's actually looks painted
Me: oh god D:
Me: the muuusic
Me: oh god he's shaking
tobu_ishi: and Al's voice
tobu_ishi: they're both so broken down ;A;
tobu_ishi: AAH 14:30
Me: yay Riza and Winry scene!
tobu_ishi: ee!
tobu_ishi: see, the pacing is improving
Me: I like Riza's voice
tobu_ishi: aww, smile denied
tobu_ishi: ooh
Me: aw, they shortened Riza's dialogue D:
tobu_ishi: I like her delivery of "someone I have to protect", though
Me: they didn't mention WHY Roy and Riza came there
tobu_ishi: aw
tobu_ishi: maybe later?
tobu_ishi: OHO, surgery time!
tobu_ishi:, nothing from the surgery?
tobu_ishi: cool fade, though
Me: sparring scene!
Me: yeah, nice fade
Me: nice music!
tobu_ishi: I dunno, it's pretty but it doesn't seem to quite fit the scene
tobu_ishi: Aww, she blushed.
Me: tsun tsun!
tobu_ishi: ahahaha AL'S FACE
tobu_ishi: okay, they are definitely shipteasing already XD
Me: definitely
Me: though they didn't include Al's "seishun" line there
tobu_ishi: EXAM TIME
tobu_ishi: is he gonna charge him?
Me: I like how they animate transmutations
tobu_ishi: YES
tobu_ishi: YES HE IS
Me: that was fast
tobu_ishi: Ooh, pretty Winry.
Me: they write "hahahaha" but don't have him actually laughing?
tobu_ishi: Odd.
tobu_ishi: I still don't like the way they handle visual gags
tobu_ishi: but the pretty animation is gorgeous
Me: oh, so Al stayed behing in Resembool? they didn't make that clear in the manga
tobu_ishi: I like the form this time
tobu_ishi: EXTREEEEEEME CLOSEUP!! >: ]
Me: whut they didn't have the house burning D:
tobu_ishi: yeah...
tobu_ishi: this feels...odd.
tobu_ishi: The bits they're keeping are brilliant
tobu_ishi: but it they're hopscotching through at double speed.
Me: yeahhh I'm gonna have to rewatch this a few times
tobu_ishi: There isn't the loving attention to detail and mood that the last series had.
tobu_ishi: Darn it, I really want to like this one!
tobu_ishi: I am emphatically not in the BLARGH NOTHING CAN TOP THE ORIGINAL camp
tobu_ishi: But...
Me: they HAVE to include the house burning sometime! that's important!
Me: I mean besides in the OP
tobu_ishi: C'mon, series, it's okay to dawdle a little!
tobu_ishi: Really, I promise.
tobu_ishi: We won't get bored.
Me: I know, I really want to like it D:
tobu_ishi: -_-
tobu_ishi: Well...shiptease? XD
tobu_ishi: And I like their perkier, snarkier Al already
tobu_ishi: that's definitely a plus.
Me: I'm excited by all the Xerxes, Philosopher of the East, Rentanjutsu hints
tobu_ishi: yeah...
tobu_ishi: I'll be shocked if we don't get Xingese now
Me: okay gonna rewatch it now
tobu_ishi: kay

Me: I'm gonna try to watch it from the POV of someone who's never seen/read FMA before...
tobu_ishi: *nods*
Me: it's good that they explain alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone within the first few minutes at least, as that was notably missing from the first ep
Me: daw, they don't have the "nantonaku" part

Me: I wish they didn't include that scene of Winry walking in on the brothers at the grave D:
tobu_ishi: oh?
Me: it seems they wanted to get in a mention of her parents, but that was a really important personal moment between Ed and Al
tobu_ishi: -_-
Me: though I guess I like Ed's "I'm not crying!" line
Me: and this one scene's entire purpose is to show that Ed hates milk and argues with Pinako, both of which are shown later in the manga...
tobu_ishi: well, I guess it's better than the first anime's tendency to not include her at all?
Me: true
tobu_ishi: but yeah, the dinner scene seemed extraneous
tobu_ishi: that time could have been put to better use establishing their bond with Trisha
Me: but wow, I am loving the background art, it looks gorgeous
Me: yay snarky!Al
tobu_ishi: hee
Me: okay, from another POV, the events leading up to the transmutation don't feel so rushed. they show the brothers studying a lot and the changing of seasons and all.
Me: its just that knowing all the scenes that go in between and seeing them being skipped made it feel abrupt to me the first time
Me: OH GOD Al being taken away is still traumatizing D:
tobu_ishi: -_-
Me: okay that got me teary-eyed ;__;
Me: oh good, they mention that Roy is going back to East City HQ
Me: why does Isaac's report mention Rentanjutsu and Xing? what do those have to do with him?
tobu_ishi: Nooo idea.
tobu_ishi: Maybe he'd dabbled in them?
tobu_ishi: Did his arrays look Xingese to you?
Me: I wonder if this means Mei is going to be introduced differently, since they're apparently not going to do Youswell?
Me: uhh not really, but then I wouldn't be able to tell
Me: they're really shoving lots of hints into these original scenes
tobu_ishi: *sigh*
tobu_ishi: I'm still not sure how I feel about this
Me: the Xing and Rentanjutsu mention feels a bit forced. but I like how Hughes says Ed will see hell "just like we did"
tobu_ishi: for a 52-episode series, they're moving really, really fast
Me: actually they haven't decided on an episode count yet
tobu_ishi: oh.
tobu_ishi: oh dear.
tobu_ishi: it's in production with no decided length?
tobu_ishi: no wonder the pacing is funky
Me: well the manga isn't done yet
tobu_ishi: yeah, but it's unlikely to stretch for more than 120 chapters at this rate, right?
tobu_ishi: so at the most, they only need to fit two or three chapters into each episode.
tobu_ishi: depending on pacing.
Me: okay, so Roy DOES mention why he came looking for the brothers. phew!
Me: okay, and he explains what a State Alchemist is. this episode should help clear up the confusion caused by the first ep...
Me: aand we find out Winry's parents were killed...
Me: all right, I like the Riza/Winry scene and everything now, it was done well :D
Me: that's more character development for the girls than they got in the first anime so far
tobu_ishi: oho.
Me: the sparring scene is awesome
tobu_ishi: Yeah, I like what they're doing with Winry.
tobu_ishi: She toughed up nicely after my initial misgivings
tobu_ishi: and she's not as shrill as she was in the first series
Me: yup
Me: somehow her new voice makes her sound more mature
tobu_ishi: *nods*
tobu_ishi: I mean, I like Winry in both incarnations?
tobu_ishi: but her original manga characterization was much mellower and more confident than the anime
tobu_ishi: not quite laid-back, but...more steady and straightforward, and comfortable with herself.
tobu_ishi: Still ANGREH about automail abuse, but I always imagined her manga persona as SHOUTING about it
Me: I'm glad that they included the scene with her saying she'll be Ed's support too
tobu_ishi: the anime one had a tendency for SHRIEKING about it.
tobu_ishi: and yes, I'm quite happy with that!
Me: this episode does set up her character very well
tobu_ishi: *nods*
tobu_ishi: It gets points for that
tobu_ishi: and for boyish Al.
tobu_ishi: I really, really like that YATTA!
Me: XD
tobu_ishi: It establishes instantly that This Is Not Your Previous Series' Al.
tobu_ishi: Same with his OHOHOHO X3 face at Ed and Winry
tobu_ishi: This kid is already bolder, brassier, more playful and more of a force to be reckoned with.
Me: they still haven't explained Ishbal beyond brief mentions, but they can get to that when Scar makes his appearance
tobu_ishi: *nods*
tobu_ishi: I think that would feel less weird if they weren't madly explaining so much other stuff without regard to pace
tobu_ishi: If they were unfolding things a bit at a time, it would feel more natural to not have a lot of the vital info yet
tobu_ishi: But so far the series has done a lot of AND THIS IS HOW THIS WORKS! </random>
Me: I dunno, I think they're explaining things pretty naturally so far. I didn't even notice it during the first watch, but for new viewers it would be important.
Me: its just the foreshadowing hints that feel forced
tobu_ishi: Generally my main problem is that I wish they'd have the confidence to linger on their lovely animation long enough for it to establish mood
tobu_ishi: they do that beautifully in some scenes
tobu_ishi: and whizz through others like they're in the Tour De France
Me: yeah...
Me: I reeeaally like how they animate the transmutations. so much detail! :D
tobu_ishi: *nods*
Me: but argh, the part where they all put their guns to Ed's head happens in a flash, it feels so sudden. in the manga at least it shows them looking surprised and frantically drawing their guns

Me: oooh, East City HQ! pretty!
Me: gah, they didn't include the part where Ed noticed Roy didn't jump from his seat when he attacked the Fuhrer.
tobu_ishi: darn
Me: that could have been a perfect way to introduce that Roy is plotting something, but...oh well. the episode is already rushed. : (
tobu_ishi: -_-
Me: I like Ed's very grim grin when he gets his name
Me: Lior prettttty
Me: XD
Me: well, I suppose they could explain that they burned their house when they get back to Resembool again, which should be like...episode 7?
Me: not too bad
Me: I'll be looking forward to more flashback scenes in that episode then

So, overall? My grade for the first two episodes:

Episode 1- B
Episode 2- C+

Though I'll probably feel better about it the more I rewatch it. Hopefully the pacing will improve once they get past the first few episodes, because that's the biggest problem so far. Otherwise, I'm loving it. :D

EDIT: As I thought, when watching it the third time, I was really able to enjoy it. It's funny, but from the reactions I've read, it looks like the people enjoying this anime the most are the ones who've never seen/read FMA before. XD The rest of us get too distracted by differences. I'm almost jealous.
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