Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: Episode 3 preview

While I am STILL anxiously waiting for an upload of the episode 2 RAW (please...someone...I can't use torrents on this computer), here's my thoughts on the episode 3 preview:

csakuras: is that...Rose holding a gun?
tobu_ishi: Is that Rose with brown hair instead of pink? <333
csakuras: Yes! :D
tobu_ishi: And she certainly does seem to have a gun!
csakuras: I'm intrigued to see what changes they'll have in the Lior episode now
tobu_ishi: Yeah...
csakuras: I'd probably be satisfied as long as Ed still transmutes the huge god statue
tobu_ishi: ^^
csakuras: I liked how Ed was such a jerk in the first few chapters

Also, I'm annoyed by how people are still calling the Doors of Truth "the Gate." D: Please, no one do that on my journal at least. They're different things.
Tags: anime, fma

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