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So distracted, gah

You know, I'm usually only full-force into one fandom at a time. For a few years Fullmetal Alchemist was my main fandom. And then it was Gurren Lagann for a couple of years. But now both are becoming my main fandoms AT THE SAME TIME.

I...I don't know if I can handle this. I've been rereading the early volumes of the FMA manga like mad and worrying over how they'll fit all the backstory in the next anime episode. But now there's THIS OMG and I'm listening to the radio show and they're talking about wanting to make a music video for Nia too and MORE PARALLEL WORKS and there's the daily Gainax top page countdown and movie 1 DVD & drama CD & movie 2 coming out soon and the new soundtrack & theme song...not to mention that the new FMA manga chapter should be coming out any day now which I'm sure will BLOW MY MIND WITH AWESOME.

I almost wish that they aren't coming out with new Haruhi episodes because I don't think I'll be able to keep up. I'd be overwhelmed enough with just one of these fandoms, but two?? I mean, I'm giddy most of the time now but I'm also terribly distracted and don't have enough time to concentrate on each thing. I'm way behind on all the 2ch threads too. D:

So yeah...will comment more on various Gurren Lagann stuff when I've calmed down and gotten my bearing on everything.
Tags: fandom, fma, gurren lagann, suzuharu

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