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I don't care if you plan on watching this anime or not, EVERYONE on my flist must see this OP. I love everything about it omg. +_+ that I've rewatched the episode a couple of times, I feel like picking over details and characterization.

-Ed sleeping with his stomach exposed! :DDD

-My GOD, just look at the detail in this map! *___*

-I like the concept behind Isaac's character. I used to wonder about that mention in the manga (Chapter 8 I think) that some State Alchemists turned in their titles after becoming disillusioned during the Ishbal war...and we never heard about those former State Alchemists again. But now we've been given an example!

-I fangirl every time we see some cityscapes. Gawd, Central City is so detailed and gorgeous.

-Al chiding Ed!

-Ed saying he doesn't want to kill~

-Star of David is non-existant it seems. :(

-Kimbley's speech pattern! Seriously, what we've seen/heard of him so far is perfect.

-Military police wear black uniforms and hats!

-Roy does indeed seem to be snapping. :( Oh well.

-I burst out laughing every time I watch the part where Armstrong punches the ice and it just veers in another direction and destroys some buildings. XD

-The music is just...godly.

-I like how that scene between Bradley and Isaac was in black-in-white with red the only other color. It forms a connection between blood and the Philosopher's Stone.

-Ahhh man the hint at Pride's identity there just makes me grin.

-Okay, I like the ED the more I watch it. :D

-Characterization-wise, the only thing that made me go "ehhh?" was near the end when Al brings up how they had suspected Isaac had the Philosopher's Stone and Ed just says "Oh well, guess we'll leave it to the authorities to figure out." What? You'd think Ed would be jumping out of bed, injury or no injury, to go scrounge around the alleys for a fragment of the Stone. :/

-Come to think of it, I find it odd that Roy or the Elrics didn't put any thought into what Isaac's motives were. Isaac kept giving hints that he knew what was up with the country and Ed just kept saying "don't know what you're talking about, don't care." I know it's just a one-shot story, but some things were too lightly dismissed IMO.

Well, maybe they'll think back to this incident in later episodes and go "damn, should have seen this coming." At least I hope so.

EDIT: I feel a little better about the second-to-last point after what Kim said over here.
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