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Holy crap Al being taken away there looks really disturbing.

fGglksfjl;ajsjaoifj I am so overwhelmed with squee right now (at 5 in the morning at that), what with this and reading some details from the Chara☆Mel interview about Lagann-hen. I'll be editing this post with some translations soon.

CM translation:

In order to achieve something great, there must be sacrifices. It's called equivalent trade!

Brother! Brother!!

Give him back! He's my only brother!!

Will they move forward or remain still?

If there is a possibility, they will surely move forward.

No way, could this be...

The Philosopher's Stone...!

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Fullmetal Alchemist
Starting its broadcast at 5PM on Sunday, April 5th!

[What I hold in my it hope, or despair?]

Chara☆Mel interview details
Also I'm only translating the parts that I find most interesting (mostly Simon & Nia-related ahaha)

-Lagann-hen's story will focus on Simon & Nia's relationship more than the TV series
-This time, Messenger Nia will be more impressive than in the TV series
-The last time, Fukui-san recorded alone, but this time she had to act along with everyone else
-From right after they finished Gurren-hen, Fukui-san wore black clothing everyday
-If you go to the root of Messenger Nia, you will find that her feelings are "I don't want to lose this universe"
-Movie!Nia has a very reliable impression
-According to Nakashima, after doing the TV series and novels, he sees Nia in a new light. "Nia is a really unwavering person"
-Concerning Simon's line in the novel, "I'm proud of having chosen her," Nakashima feels like Simon forced him to write that. He was able to understand the nature of their relationship
-Lagann-hen will have many new parts
-It's the conclusion of the Gurren Lagann project

It just kills me that unless I manage to go to Japan in the next several months, I won't be able to see this movie until in like HALF A YEAR probably. AGGHHHH.
Tags: anime, fma, gurren lagann

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