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So the OP theme for the new FMA anime has finally been announced, and it's "again" by YUI.

Kinda disappointed that it's not Tommy heavenly6 like I was hoping, but oh well. I can hope that she'll get to sing a later OP. I wonder if they're gonna have all the OPs done by female singers/EDs by male singers as an opposite pattern to the previous series?

Looks like YUI's done an OP and ED each for Bleach. So is it gonna be something like this I wonder? Well, at least the OP should be something to look forward to for the animation alone, since apparently it's gonna have about the same amount of cuts that "Rewrite" had. And apparently on the radio show they said that the first episode is going to be almost movie quality. O_O

And because I forgot to mention this before and need to freak out about it somewhere, OMFG KAKIHARA TETSUYA IS GOING TO PLAY FUERY. AHHHHHHHHHH! I hope he doesn't sound like Simon because that's just going to take me right out of it. T___T
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