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Sort of a late response to FMA Chap. 92

Because I forgot to write one last month after all. >.>;

Me: also it's really ironic because this is the first time in many months when I'm eagerly anticipating scans of the new GanGan and yet it looks like the scans are going to come out later than usual now :|
Kirsten: Pffft :|
Kirsten: I need to get caught up on the manga again. I've had a really hard time keeping caught up with it lately ;_;
Me: yeah, me too...
Me: Al was really badass in Chap. 92 though *__*
Kirsten: Was he? *__*
Me: yess~~
Me: also you find out what Sloth's special power is
Kirsten: :OOO
Kirsten: Besides super-strength??
Me: I find it hilarious personally
Kirsten: plz tell me that he- AHAHAHA WHAT
Me: but he can't control it so he just goes flying all over the place and crashing into things
Kirsten: lksjfhlkjfhHAHAHAHA
Kirsten: That's so much easier to accept than anime!Sloth's super-speed :|
Me: wait, did anime!Sloth have super-speed? I thought she was just all liquidy o.o
Kirsten: I think she was really fast due to her liquidity or something
Kirsten: But idk, pretty much all the homunculi had super-speed to some extent so maybe it wasn't anything special.
Me: hmm
Me: but yeah...Alphonse + Philosopher's Stone = HAX AWESOME
Kirsten: I honestly can't remember anything about Alphonse being the Philosopher's Stone except that he was a freaking moron and went off alone with Tucker, of all people.
Me: ahahahahaha actually I was referring to the manga XD
Kirsten: ...OH.
Kirsten: lsdkfjhlksjfdh
Kirsten: OKAY
Kirsten: XDDD
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