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More FMA anime stuff

So apparently the official site momentarily leaked the fact that the jrock group SID would be doing the first ending theme for the new FMA anime. All I've heard of SID so far is the OP for Kuroshitsuji. Eh...I guess they could work. (2ch seems to hate them for some reason though.)

And now there's a rumor that Tommy heavenly6 is going to do the opening theme. Personally...I really hope this is true. Just a couple of weeks ago I was obsessively listening to "Ash Like Snow" from Gundam 00, thinking that it would be cool if The Brilliant Green did an OP for Fullmetal Alchemist. Well, Tommy heavenly6 is the same singer, so close enough! Plus she also did the 2nd OP theme for Soul Eater, which IS AWESOME. (I've only watched as far as episode 11 of Soul Eater, but that OP makes me eager to see more now.)

And a first look at merchandise... *HEADDESK* P-pink bandanna... (But hey, there's apple pie!)

On a somewhat related note, we're friggin FINALLY getting some more Adult!Simon merchandise! \o/ And damn..."Seed of Tears, Flower of Smiles"? The 2nd movie theme sounds sad just from its title. D: (But it also totally sounds like a Simon/Nia song, so yay?)
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