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DVD troubles

I've been trying to get my hands on the 2nd season boxset of Victorian Romance Emma since October. DVD Pacific epically failed me on this, because they left the order in limbo for three months. But it wasn't a high priority order for me so I kept waiting...that is until they left my order for Baccano! Vol. 1 in limbo even ten days after it was released, without any explanation. So I finally sent them an email asking why they were neglecting my orders. Their answer? "They are not in stock at this time."

FUCK YOU. I pre-ordered Baccano! in November and the product status reads "in stock." And you had THREE MONTHS to get Emma Season 2 back in stock!!

So, I cancelled my order and finally went to Rightstuf. This time the order went smoothly and the DVDs were shipped without any issues.

But the problem now is.....I STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN THE PACKAGE. According to Track & Confirm, it was delivered to my house at 1:31 PM on February 13. I wasn't there when it was delivered, and...I don't...see it anywhere. There wasn't any sign left that they'll try delivering it again. The status of the order is "Shipping Complete." So where is it??

Oh please don't tell me someone STOLE THE PACKAGE. Because we totally had that problem a year ago. GAH.
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