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Just got back from the hike, it was fun, saw many deer, took lot's of pictures for reference shots in my story, now I'm dead tired, went to, and GUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT.
L'Arc-en-Ciel is performing at Otakon!!! Their first ever concert in the USA!!! And I'm going on Saturday!!! I'LL BE SEEING L'ARC-EN-CIEL IN CONCERT!!!
*pant pant gasp*
I bet they'll be playing "Ready Steady GO" a lot, which is just awesome. Their CD's will probably be sold everywhere at the convention, which is even more awesome. And tons of FMA fans will be gathering there like ants in my kitchen, so I can take pictures of the cosplayers! And the Funimation booth might have their life-size Al with them, so I can take a picture of that too! WHEE!
Until now, Otakon 2004 was severely lacking in terms of guests, but this concert is going to be SO MUCH better than last year's T.M.Revolution concert. Maybe I can convince my mom to cosplay as Izumi sensei. *evil grin*

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