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Re: Slayers Evolution-R Episode 4

Well, that was more entertaining than I expected it to be. I was going WTF all through the first half of the episode, but then the second half became a rapid-fire series of soap opera cliches growing more and more ridiculous (MOTHER I'M GOING TO ELOPE WITH ZELGADIS/BUT YOU'RE RELATED/OMG ZELGADIS IS MY SON/OH NOES POKOTA WAS KILLED IN AN ACCIDENT/OH NOES I'M PREGNANT WITH GOURRY'S CHILD/OH NOES SHE'S TERMINALLY ILL/HEY GUYS I JOINED A GANG/I'M GOING TO COMMIT SUICIDE/OH NOES POKOTA GOT KILLED AGAIN/etc) that I just couldn't stop laughing.

Looks like Xellos and that assassin guy are returning next episode. Will there finally be plot??
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