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csakuras: omg Leite <3
tobu_ishi: so who's the other chick?
csakuras: I'm guessing one of her mechanic staff?
csakuras: so there IS a girl in there :O
csakuras: guess I wasn't too far off with my fanfic after all
csakuras: admittedly it's very hard to tell that she's a chick unless you look at her boobs
tobu_ishi: Yeah, I almost wrote 'guy' and then was like, Oh. Huh.
tobu_ishi: (I thought for a second it was a teenaged Simon XD)
csakuras: XD
csakuras: well, Boota probably only paid attention to her boobs anyway
tobu_ishi: I dunno, they're not very spectacular for a Gainax pair.
tobu_ishi: That's, like, a Gainax A-cup there.
csakuras: true
tobu_ishi: Gainax A-cup translates to approximately real world C-cup.
tobu_ishi: XD
csakuras: ...I'm so amused that we're discussing the breasts of a nameless background character XD
Tags: fanfiction, gurren lagann, random

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