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Re: Slayers Evolution-R Episode 3


EDIT: Okay, so I finally started watching some new anime. First I started with Tower of Druaga: Sword of Uruk, which I am enjoying as much as the first season, even considering it's pretty heavy on plot now.

Next, Slayers Evolution-R. I have to say I was pretty disappointed with Slayers Revolution overall, but so far Evolution-R is off to a great start, even considering it's only been filler episodes so far. The reason? NAMA-CHAN.

Who is Nama? Nama is a living suit of armor, previously a human who got transformed after touching Rezo's magic vase thingy, causing her to lose her memory at the same time. Also, she is QUITE OBVIOUSLY NAGA. SERIOUSLY. This got me hooked from the first episode, especially with all the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE TEASING they are doing concerning her past with Amelia. AUUGGHH it makes me want to tear my hair out every time. XD

I mean all the goddamn hints! And EPISODE 3. FGHOIAFJASJFAI EPISODE 3. This episode was all about Amelia and Nama. Nama says "We're just like sisters!" Amelia gets stuck in Nama's armor! COMICAL HIJINKS ENSUE. Amelia reminiscing about her parents! Nama starting to regain her memories! Amelia and Nama combination attack! Zelgadis crying MANLY TEARS while watching them fight! XDD And then they laugh "HOHOHOHOHO" in unison! Oh god that was so great.

Unfortunately, the next episode looks like it will feature more fish people. I dunno about anyone else, but I thought fish people stopped being funny back in the first season. :/

But now I am totally going to keep watching to see if they'll have the big reveal this season. I REALLY HOPE THEY DO IT. Because they can't keep Naga as a suit of armor forever, right? She'll have to become human again eventually, right? And then she'll remember all the time she spent with Amelia, right?!??! AUGH.

...This is kinda laughable because Amelia isn't even one of my favorite characters and I couldn't stand Naga anytime I saw her before. Ahaha.

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot. Episode 2 was awesome merely for the scene where Zelgadis gets called a monster by some ghosts and then runs off sobbing while screaming "STUPID REZO! ;___;" And Gourry actually understanding something and going "DID YOU SEE THAT, I CAN DO IT IF I TRY! RAAAAAWWWRR! D:<" I don't care if it's OOC because it's hilarious.

TL;DR: I am once again an anime geek.
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