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Thoughts while watching commercials

-What is with the recent obsession with 3D and HD? Who the hell wants to watch the news in HD? Why would you want to watch a commercial in 3D? *shakes head*

-I don't get the appeal of live action talking animal movies where they just make the animals' mouths move. The animals don't look like they're having a good time; they all have the same bored expression. It just looks weird. What's the point of making their mouths move anyway? When I was a kid there were plenty of talking animal movies where they simply had voice-overs and that was fine. Just because you have the technology doesn't mean you need to show it off all the time.

But then again, I'm not a kid anymore. I guess kids these days are happy as long as something involves cute animals (my sister being one of them). :/

...Uhm yeah. It snowed today, yay! And this:

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