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Tegaki newb FAILS HARD

csakuras: OH SHIT
csakuras: I forgot to erase the things in the back AGH
csakuras: I didn't know those would stay in. ;__;
csakuras: *sigh* well, that was my first ever comment on Tegaki...
tobu_ishi: *patpat*
tobu_ishi: It's very pretty <3
csakuras: the hair ornament turned out better than I expected, considering what I was working with...
csakuras: fffhghargh I feel really stupid XD;; I wish it had an edit option...
csakuras: well maybe it does if I weren't commenting as a guest...? .__.
csakuras: ...I was so busy drawing that I completely missed the episode of Code Geass that was airing half an hour ago ._____.;

I drew that with a mouse, btw.
Tags: gurren lagann, i suck

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