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Grissom's last episode

So, Grissom left CSI tonight. I'm actually kinda relieved. I love the character and all, but Grissom's depression caused by everything dealing with Sara and Warrick was really bringing the show down this season. So while I didn't like the Grissom/Sara romance, it's nice to see him finally happy in his last scene. (I was a bit surprised to see that my mom actually cried at that. o_o;)

I'm looking forward to see how Laurence Fishburne will fit into the cast. I hope we'll see more of Greg, Hodges, and the new girl from now on too. I guess usually I'd think that a show should be over once three main cast members are gone, but the newer characters still have so much potential...

Hm. I've been posting a lot today, haven't I?
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