Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Baccano! dub

So FUNimation put up the first two episodes of the Baccano! dub.

My reactions:

Vic Pres- Good.
Carol- Good.
Isaac- Okay, I guess? But the delivery of his lines aren't funny to me. :/
Miria- UGH. NO, CAITLIN GLASS, NO. So overacted. D:
Firo- OMG ♥ Might take some time to get used to, but I love his accent.
Luck- OMG ♥ Yeah, he sounds like a gangster all right.
Eve- Good.
Chic- Uhhh. Not sure how to feel. But his "I'm sorry about that..." was great. xD
Czeslaw- Perfect.
Claire- AHHHHHH ♥ He sounds kinda young, but yay accent!
Ennis- Great! I like how quiet she sounds.
Maiza- Pretty blah but good.
Ladd- Decent. His voice sounds rougher than I expected. I think my only concern is that he doesn't have much charisma. He could also work on his laugh. I have to wonder how he's going to handle the batshit crazy jumping-in-a-puddle-of-blood scene.
Lua- She sounds like a little girl. :/
Jazuzzi- HEE ♥ His voice is pretty raspy, but I love it. XD He really does sound like he's about to cry all the time.
Nice- OMG love it. She sounds so laid-back and mature. :D

Conclusion: Isaac and Miria disappoint me. D: But otherwise, so far so good and it'll probably get better as shit hits the fan and the actors get used to their roles. I mean, some of these characters have only had one or two lines so far. But anyway, yay accents!
Tags: baccano!, dub

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