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Short movie reviews

I randomly feel like talking about some movies. MAJOR SPOILERS INCLUDED.

So I finally rented this last week, and I have to say, it was adorable. And more hopeful than I expected. I thought it would just be a movie about cute robots, and the robots were indeed cute, but the human story was beautiful too. I mean, sure they trashed the Earth and became fat blobs, but the ending where they came back 700 years later just brought tears to my eyes. The ending sequence itself was breathtaking. "I don't want to survive, I want to live!" :')

I was also impressed by how little dialogue there was in the whole movie. And yet everything is still clear, the plot, the themes, the feelings of the characters. That's how you direct a movie. I'm really considering buying this now to watch whenever I need to restore my faith in humanity...

Oh, and I'm oddly fond of that little robot that raises its arms and goes "hssssssss!" XDD

It's been a long while since I watched it, but anyway. This is going to be a rant, so anyone who loved this movie might want to skip this.

I really wanted to like this movie. And I did enjoy the first half. The whole droving the cattle to Darwin story was fun. Nicole Kidman plays an awesome upper-class lady. And the boy playing Nullah was simply adorable. But the second half ruined the experience for me. It was beautifully made, sure. But the writing was atrocious. It felt so forced and overly cliche.

As examples, I can point out two specific scenes that made go ARRRGH. One is when Drover is feeling conflicted about staying with Sarah. And his friend just starts telling him what all his issues are and it's...ugh. You can show these things instead of just dumping them all into the dialogue! Not only does it sound unrealistic, but it's unconvincing too.

The second scene is near the end, when Fletcher tries to shoot Nullah. The bullet doesn't hit him, but Nullah goes down anyway, and there is an OH NO moment where the characters wonder if he's dead. Then he opens his eyes and smiles, saying "No bullet!" First of all, if Nullah isn't injured, why does he fall down and appear to be dead for a few seconds? It's just forced drama and again, unconvincing.

So in conclusion, the movie was a disappointment. It had so much potential too. I kinda feel like the staff's love for the country blinded them to the flaws in the writing. D:

Marley & Me:
I don't understand why I keep seeing people say that this was a sad movie because the dog dies at the end. What did they expect? This is a story of a family growing through the years and dogs don't live forever. Marley lived a great long life and dies peacefully in loving arms. It made me tear up, but not out of sadness. I thought it was sweet how he touched these peoples' lives and it increased my yearning for a pet of my own someday.

So I guess my question is- why is a movie automatically sad if a pet dies? Even in the best possible way? It's not like I don't know how it feels either because I've lost a pet before too. But the fact that there's a death at the end, something completely natural, doesn't erase all the funny and heart-warming moments that came before it. This is not a downer movie and I'm sticking with that.
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