Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Happy New Year!!

Just a note- I started translating more of the 4th GL novel. The first part is over here. I'll be posting most novel-related content over at the gurren_lagann community from now on.

Anyway, I spent New Years' Eve cooking, spending quality time with mom, and eating tororo soba. :9 Then I tried champagne and found it absolutely disgusting, as with all other alcohol I've tried since I turned 21 this past June. I was only able to choke down half a glass by eating kashiwa mochi along with it. As a result my face turned a bit pink and warm but that was it. At this rate I honestly don't think I will ever experience being truly drunk. Ah well.

Happy New Year, everybody!
Tags: food, holidays, novel 4, real life

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