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So I went to check out the latest episode of the GL radio show that was just uploaded, and what do you know, Nakashima Kazuki appears as a guest to promote the new novel. XD And they spend like half the episode talking about it.

But what's really cool about this is that Inoue Marina reads an excerpt from the novel as Yoko. Bounty Hunter Yoko! *__*
Starts around 4:20 and ends at 5:26.

My name is Yoko.
My occupation is that of a bounty hunter.
Which means that I get rid of the villains who build their nests in this criminal city of Littner.
What I'm hunting right now are bank robbers who've barricaded themselves.
After hitting a bank and getting chased by policemen, they ran into a high rise mansion. These guys are real idiots. But the fact that they've taken refuge in a room on the 47th floor of the high rise makes this a little troublesome.
Looking through a hyper scope on the high rise building across from it, I can see two children inside the room. A boy and a girl. Their ages look to be around 6 or 7 years old. They're utterly frightened and are curled up in a corner of the room. It's quite a wealthy room. There are expensive-looking furnishings lining the walls. But looking at the golden pigmole statue sitting right in the middle of the room which I can't even tell whether it's luxurious or not, I can say that the owner probably doesn't have very good taste.

What I find interesting about the parallel worlds is that Simon and Yoko's scenes are told in first-person POV, which immediately differentiate them from the normal narrative, and in the very instant that Simon and Yoko snap out of it, the POV switches back to third-person. The timing is just glorious. For example, Simon's scene:

I try to raise my head.
Someone presses it down.
Who is it, Bro? No, it's me.
The one who's pressing my head down is myself.
The me who lost his drill.
I'm pressing myself down. Pressing and saying I should live facing downward.
Tens of hundreds of thousands. A countless number of my hands press me down.
But still, my...
My drill is...
"My drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!!"
Simon stood up.
In his hand he clutched a glowing green Core Drill.
"Yeah, that's right. The drill is my soul," Simon said, as if persuading himself.

I love that. :) Though I find it odd that Viral's dream sequence is written entirely in third-person POV. And his is the only one besides Simon & Yoko's that's given any detail... I guess it's because his is thrown in at the very end and it would be too redundant to do the first-person POV change for a third time?
Tags: gurren lagann, novel 4, writing

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