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Christmas stuff!

We opened presents a day late this year. The reason? Mom and I both ordered our presents to each other online. The packages were supposed to come on Christmas Eve (I even paid for extra shipping so my mom's present would make it in time)...but they didn't. :/ And we were going to exchange presents with my dad's side of the family over the weekend so we didn't have anything from them either. So the highlights of my Christmas Day was going to see Marley & Me (cute cute cute movie), eating at iHop, and Viral's Sweet Dream finally being posted.

But that's enough whining because our stuff finally arrived today~ (Though I'm still a bit miffed because I paid friggin $11 of shipping and the package arrived two days later than it should have anyway *grumble grumble*)

What I've got so far:
Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 21
Fullmetal Alchemist 2009 Calendar
Mushishi Volume 10 (the last one! it's all over ;____;)
Pokemon Special Volume 29 (OMG GOLD)
Gurren Lagann Novel 4

I spent about two hours skimming through all of these. I'll sit down and take my time reading Mushishi and GL later, but here are my thoughts so far. SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW!

Pokesupe 29
GOOOOOLD! *___* HE'S FINALLY BACK AND BEING HIS SAME AWESOME SELF. And awwww, Emerald's past. I rather like him now. And omg, Red+Green+Blue+Yellow+Silver all finally break out of the stone. And all ten trainers fight together in a final EPIC BATTLE YES. Ahaha this is why I love this manga. XD

And omg Kirsten, you are going to love the Gold+Silver moments. Gold looks at frozen!Silver and calls him "ダチ公". And after they break out, it turns out Silver was still conscious when he was stone and Gold is like "GEH" and blushing. XD

Mushishi 10
I didn't read closely to understand what was going on, but the volume closes with a two-part story in which at one point Ginko attends a Mushi banquet for some reason. And the series ends on a peaceful note, with Ginko blowing smoke at some Mushi, saying "Well, time to go" and wind rustling through the grass. :')

...It's really over. *sigh* First Emma, then Hellsing, now Mushishi. And Fullmetal Alchemist is in its endgame too. All my favorite manga are coming to an end. D:

Fullmetal Alchemist 21
GLUTTONY ON THE SPINE! ;__; So that makes him the 4th Homunculus to appear on the spine (not counting Bob).

Arakawa confirms in the author's note that this volume is the beginning of the final chapter of the story. D:


There are only four chapters this time... Hahaha, Arakawa got recognized at a used bookstore she goes to.

I really need to go back and reread the recent volumes of this manga. :(

Gurren Lagann Novel 4
I skipped around to look at the illustrations (which I will post later) and read a few scenes. thoughts, starting from where Simon finally rescues Nia.

Whoever said that Nia doesn't wear Simon's coat must have been lying, because it clearly says that Simon puts his coat over her. She's even wearing it in an illustration later on. But more importantly than that, THEY HUG. OMG just that description made me so stupidly happy. XD Seriously, I don't know why the hell those people in the Nia thread were complaining about Simon & Nia not being lovey-dovey enough, because that one scene is like pure fanservice and exactly what I wanted to see more of in the anime. In fact, I'll translate it right now-

"I'm here, Nia. Just like I promised." Saying that, he embraced her tightly.
Simon's warm skin loosened the tension within her.
The powerful thread that bound Nia's heart untied and melted away like snow.
Crying while laughing, she buried her face in Simon's chest.
Simon tenderly stroked her hair.
You did great, his fingers told her.
Yes, she thought, nestling her face.

THANK YOU, NAKASHIMA. Thank you so much for that. :)))))

And omg, the scene where he realizes...

"...So it's true."
Shock ran through Simon's body.
Nia laid her hands over Simon's hands clutching the control levers.
"You must not falter." Saying that, she looked into his eyes.
"You kept your promise. You came for me. I am fine with that."
Nia's eyes did not waver. There was no lie in her words.
"You came this far to do what you have to do. Isn't that right?" She smiled gently.
She really is a strong person. Simon thought so from the bottom of his heart.
I'm proud to have chosen her. I'm proud that she's chosen me.
So, now--
"I understand, Nia."
Simon nodded reassuringly.

And then it abruptly switches to Yoko's POV as she and the rest of humanity hear everything they were saying. But...fffffff. My god. ;___;

I think compared to how heartfelt those two scenes are, I was a little disappointed by how simplistically the wedding scene was written. Maybe it's because Nakashima was rushing to finish it at that point, or maybe it's just because it was written from an outside perspective (which is fitting). But Simon got some additional dialogue, like "Thank you, everyone. We were both happy" and "I'm satisfied, Gimmy."

And omg, Viral's dream sequence. I need to translate that later too, because bawwww. ;___;

I'm looking forward to reading all the new battle scenes, but what I've read of the novel so far has already succeeded in making me exceedingly happy and touched and heartbroken. *sigh*
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