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Soooo I decided to start catching up on the Gurren Lagann radio show again (I'm like eight weeks behind). Right now I'm listening to episode #39 and Nakashima said that he wrote more about Simon & Nia's last week together in the 4th novel.


Unfortunately my copy probably won't be arriving until after Christmas since I ordered it along with FMA Vol. 21, so I'll just have to stalk 2ch for details until then.

Maybe I should make a new tag for novel stuff.


Question: Is there a story behind Viral's wife?
Nakashima: Ah. Nope.

Hmm, he changed Memusu's name to "Memu."

Originally in the script, Viral's job in the alternate universe was to catch people who hunt animals, but they had to cut most of that out.

So for right now there is no real story behind Tsuuma, she only exists in alternate universes, but they say there's still plenty to explore about Viral...

Apparently Boota's tail keeps growing back like a lizard's LOL.

Question: What should you do to be able to eat Nia's food?
Nakashima: Turn your tastebuds into spiral tastebuds.

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