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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone~!

Don't worry, I won't bother you with my cynical rants on history and pilgrims and treatment of Native Americans, and actually just enjoy this holiday for once. ^_^ Damn Puritans.
Mom and I are going to spend it alone, because I haven't heard what Dad, Loanny, and Rachel are doing, and all my other family are like overseas or just not very close. I don't mind though. Mom says she feels sorry that I grew up in a small family, but I like it this way better. Besides, whenever she invites people over on holidays she always ends up getting really stressed out making everything perfect and it's just a big mess.
But today we're going to have a small dinner, just the two of us, with chicken and apple pie and bread rolls, etc. ^_^ Then we're going to watch some movies (Mom says she wants to play a board game, but ehh...maybe).
YES, I will finally get to watch the Wolf's Rain DVD I bought like...a month ago? And we bought Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban last night too (Best Buy rules, we got it for a mere $16, that's probably cheaper than the actual book!).
Oh yes, and I let Brianna borrow my tape with the first three FMA dub episodes off of TV, because I've been gushing to her about the series for about a year now. Can't wait to hear her reaction. ^^

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