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"My girlfriend is a USB flash drive for an alien hive mind"

csakuras: I love it! Nia looks so grumpy XD
tobu_ishi: Haha XD
tobu_ishi: I dunno if she's being generally grumpy, or just grumping at her psycho planet-splitting PTSD boyfriend, but.
csakuras: at least she is already aware that he is a psycho planet-splitting PTSD boyfriend. no unpleasant surprises. :)
tobu_ishi: Yes, it's always good to go into a relationship with your eyes open. ^^
tobu_ishi: To be honest, he is possibly less informed than she is.
tobu_ishi: Nia is fuuuull of surprises. <3
csakuras: fortunately those will probably be good surprises
tobu_ishi: Yup, most of the bad ones are out of the way now. ^_^
tobu_ishi: "By the way, my brain is a direct uplink to the Anti-Spirals and they can rewind it to watch us make out!"
tobu_ishi: "Uh..." o_o
tobu_ishi: "And, um, steal peeks at your paperwork and battle plans."

(Convo is about this fanart. ♥)

Nnnnnghh not doing too well with NaNoWriMo so far. The election has really distracted me this week. I've also been terribly lazy at updating the word count. D: But since my mom will be going to Paris for the next five days, I'll have the house to myself, which means less distractions! I've already started on Chapter 9 of my fanfic so I'll try to finish that this weekend and then skip to another project. And if anyone hasn't noticed yet (there haven't been many comments eep hope that doesn't mean people have lost interest), I already posted Chapter 8. :D;
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