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Meme + To Do List


Yes, another one. Because there's no reason not to. I don't mind if I don't get any comments though, considering I did one just last month.

Mom is gonna drag me out to look at foreclosure houses all weekend, but here's a list of stuff to do when I'm at home:

-Finish Chap. 88 translation
-Work on fanfic. I pretty much have only the battle scene to write now, but that's the hardest part. ;__; I want to get this done and the details for the next chapter figured out by the end of October, because November is NaNoWriMo.
-Reply to private messages. I suck I'm sorry. ;__;
-Post to gurren_lagann
-Catch up on Gurren Lagann Radio. I'm like three months behind now lulz. But Kazuki Nakashima is going to be a guest for two episodes omg omg.
-Watch anime?
Tags: fanfiction, gurren lagann, meme

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