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Chapter 88 translation

I mind as well get started on this now while I have some time and before I forget again. :O It's been a while since I've translated any manga, so my style might have changed a little (hopefully for the better).

Page 36/42 done. Yeahhhh I suck.

Page 2
Young master...
It's Greed now
Bastard!! Give the master back his body!!
Can't do that
Oh, he's coming

Page 4
Young master!!

Page 5

Page 6
What are you doing?!
"What are you doing" my ass!!
Your arm still isn't fully functional!!
Greed can take care of himself!
You just protect yourself!!
Mind your own business!!

Page 7
Just concentrate on surviving for now!!
Because we're going to be relying on you later!!
Old man!
Are you okay, Heinkel
Yeah, somehow

Page 8
Sorry, I couldn't finish the job
Don't worry about it, go recuperate
There's no helping not being able to defeat him

Page 9
Even from my eyes, it's a monster

Page 10
What a rude way to refer to your sibling, Greed
May I eat you?
You'll get indigestion if you eat me
Big brother!
Chapter 88: The Feelings of a Parent and Child

Page 11

Page 12
Where am I...
It's a slum near Central called Kanama
Why am I at a place like this......
.....Ah!! Dad
Selim Bradley is a homunculus!!
Yeah, I heard from Gorius
It's Darius
Damn...he got inside me, or rather it was like he was poking around my soul. I felt sick...
That thing is like the other self of my other self
It might be able to meddle easily with those who carry my blood
Mm...there you are

Page 13
Old man Fuu!
We'll talk later. Give him first aid.
Are you okay
So you are Edward's father
....And from the looks of it, you are from Xing....aren't you?
That's right
Yeah, that is a good country. In the past...
Hey hey this isn't the time to be talking!! What are we going to do about that shadow monster
So it's the homunculus "Pride"!!
That's right
It ate the Glut-something and now we can't lay a hand on it

Page 14
(It's my fault...)
(It's because I got captured by Pride that everyone is in this pinch...)
There are too many light sources because of the fire, and we've used up all of our light grenades. We can't use the same hand again
This is bad
At this rate, the residents over there will get involved too

Page 15
You're a talented alchemist, aren't you?
I'm not bad
I have a suggestion that'll take your skills into account

Page 16
I've got a fairly good view
How much longer before you can die, Greed?'s no use hiding in the shadows
I can smell you out
*sniff sniff*
Well now
So you've finally appeared

Pag 17
The hero always comes late
By "hero" do you mean you intend to defeat me?
Nah, it's impossible (hahaha)
I have no intention of fighting you
You're so scary

Page 18
(What is he thinking?)
(What is he aiming for?)
(Are they going to cut off my power again with a light grenade?)
(Good, good...he's started to gather his shadows toward the center to concentrate on me)
(A little more... More toward the center...)

Page 19
(He's coming...?)

Page 20
So you planned to draw my attention towards Hohenheim and then catch me off guard
What a boring plan
Oh, if I extend the battle line I'll be hit by a light grenade

Page 21
To think that he would return to being a hostage on his own
You have such a curious son
Don't make a fool of my son

Page 23

Page 24
It's huge!!
(That's fast...!!)

Page 26
Amazing! You're pretty good!
(I was a little scared...)
I see...complete darkness
That Hohenheim.....
Hahaha! That went well!
You can't use your abilities here
That voice is Alphonse Elric...
So you've been trapped here as well

Page 27
Is this the time to laugh?
If you try to make an opening to escape from here, in that instant I will let out a shadow and...
I don't have any intention of leaving here
Let's see how we compare in endurance, Selim...
No, homunculus "Pride"
My body is fine even without oxygen or light or food
In that case, how about we stay here until that "promised day" has passed

Page 28
Sure is huge
How's Heinkel?
He has been treated
Are you okay too, old man?
I am completely fi-...
No, it's Greed now
Nothing's wrong with me!!
The babe is safe too. Good, good.
What's the meaning of this?!

Page 29
What the hell?!
Hey, Hohenheim!
Al got caught up in this!
What are you thinking?!
It was Al's proposal
Defeating Pride is difficult. And at this rate, the damage to the surrounding area will increase.
In that case, he thought we should suppress him rather than defeat him
With this, we have time to come up with a countermeasure
But then why did he do this without consulting me...
He said "If we tell Brother, he'll definitely oppose"

Page 30
In order to trap him in an instant, we needed to make him gather his shadows to the center as much as possible
Al took on this role saying "Because I'm the most suited for this job"
This is the result of Al thinking how to have everyone survive right now
Well, let's douse these fires first
Or else Al will be smothered

Page 31
Where did Greed go?
Lust is gone
Envy is gone too
Gluttony also disappeared!
Wrath has gone to the exercises in the east...
And Pride can't move!
Now Central only has Sloth and the old man!

Page 32
Greed! Bastard, what are you thinking?!
Gahahah! Didn't I tell you?!
I'm going to become the king of the world!!

Page 33
Are you trying to dig a hole?
It's no use. I don't think Dad would make it so that you could get through with a child's strength
Give it up

Page 34
It's your head
My foot got caught in it and I tripped
(...Is he really that horrible homunculus?)
(If he's not using his ability, he's just like a child...)
Are you going to laugh?
Hmmmmm...if you weren't a homunculus, you'd be just like a normal child...I think that I'd be fooled
You've even fooled Mrs. Bradley.....
Ah!! Don't tell me she's in it too?!
She is not. She is a normal human who doesn't know anything
Then you've been fooling her after all!!
I bet you were laughing at her from the shadows. At such a nice person...!!

Page 35
It is as you say
That must be what society would call a "good mother"
Once there was a time that I was almost run over by a car, and she saved me herself
Even though if I put my mind to it, I could have escaped from danger on my own
I was taken aback by how desperate she was
Though I have a father, I've never had such a thing as a mother, so truthfully I found it interesting

Page 36
I thought that this must be what a mother is like.......
We were merely playing house of course, but it was fun and I do like that
This is the truth
(Ack!! I won't be fooled! I won't be fooled!!)
Uhhhhhh ummmmmm... it looks like you need us as "human sacrifices"!!

Page 37

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