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Re: Dubben Lagann Episode 17 and 18

Didn't post last week because all I had to say was that DUB!GENOME IS EPIC and I miss dub!Kamina. :( This week we're finally into TIMESKIP and it feels like I've come full-circle considering I first started watching Gurren Lagann when episode 17 aired on TV in Japan. Anyway, this time I managed to write my reactions on paper while watching.

Episode 17:

Yay they've got the right OP and it's not sped up! :D

Adult!Rossiu sounds more like the usual Bosch

Gawd he sounds just like Lelouch from the Code Geass dub

OMG Adult!Nia....I don't know if I like it D:

Not sure how I feel about Adult!Simon either...

Rossiu really really sounds like Lelouch

Adult!Kittan sounds a bit more mature ♥

OMG the proposal scene... Hearing it in English made me feel embarrassed somehow. XD;

"No way! :D"

Adult!Nia sounds like......I dunno, a muppet? Sorta.

Aww kid!Rossiu again in the flashback. ♥ Why couldn't he have stayed this cute. ;__; He sounds like such a douche now (which, I guess, isn't a bad thing).

Okay, adult!Simon is good when he's yelling. I have faith that he'll sound better once Yuri gets the hang of it.

Dub!Viral is so good.

OMG Gimmy and Darry! "Bastard!" The kids have grown up. :')

Guinble and adult!Kinon OMG!

A lot of skipped scenes here. They skipped Simon & Boota in the office, the Mugan destroying the city, Simon cutting off his call to Nia....did they...they...WTF. They skipped the scene of Nia transforming into the Anti-Spiral Messenger. D: NOOOOOO!

Adult!Kinon is so good.

Adult!Simon is still kinda ehh...

Cybela's voice WTF. She sounds kinda bad, which is unfortunate since she's the main operator announcing stuff all the time.

"I'm taking this crappy beam...and shoving it hard...right down your THROOOAAAT!"

Hmm, Anti-Spiral Nia sounds more high-pitched than I expected.

Episode 18:

Oh god Jougan and Barinbou XD ♥♥♥

Nia's voice message doesn't quite work in English IMO...I mean I guess they manage to get the moe-ness of it across in the translation but what she's saying doesn't make much sense without the double meaning of "tadaima."

Darry sounds like a robot. :|

"Do you have a fever or something? I understand you even less than I usually do."

Anti-Spiral Nia sounds much better now half-way through episode 18.

Aww, they skipped Simon almost landing on the civilians and going "oops"

Simon keeps screaming "ORYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" XDD I thought this was supposed to be an English dub?

Dub!Guinble sounds a bit like Loyd from the Code Geass dub lol.

Conclusion: Rossiu sounds like Lelouch. I'm not too impressed with Simon & Nia at the moment but they should get better as they go along. Everyone else is either meh or excellent.

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