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Re: Linebarrels of Iron Episode 1

Me: so right now I'm watching the first episode of this new anime called Linebarrels of Iron...just because Kakihara Tetsuya is the lead.
Me: he sounds JUST LIKE SIMON I can't concentrate on what's going on. D:
Kirsten: Ahahaha!
Me: also it's really annoying me how the guy doesn't notice that he's got blood all over his clothes after that satellite fell on him. he even takes off his shirt to give to a girl and he still doesn't notice that it has blood on it.
Kirsten: What
Me: from the blood it looks like he got impaled or something but he's not noticing it. D:
Me: now his friend finds him and HE doesn't notice the blood either! this is driving me crazy
Kirsten: lolololololol whut
Me: hell yes finally he's using his badass voice!
Me: and he still sounds like Simon!
Me: I have no idea what's going on in this anime :|
Kirsten: Ahahaha
Me: oh yes now he's doing crazy hysterical laughter! I've never heard that before!
Kirsten: Oooooooooh
Me: "'re already dead..."
Me: and the episode ends
Me: he's had blood all over his clothes for half the episode and it's only when she points out that he died back there that he's like "?!?!O_O?!?!?"
Kirsten: Ahahahaha what
Me: lolol he said "ten times over" in the preview *geek*

Also, the character designs look ugly as hell. :|

I'll probably check out the first episode of Shikabane Hime just for GAINAX, but that's all the Fall anime I'll be watching. Nothing is really interesting me in terms of anime recently.

ALSO IT'S DON'T FORGET DAY TODAY. I remembered yesterday, I really did! D: But I only just remembered it again now.
Tags: anime, fma, slayers revolution

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