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In which TV rules my life

Me: finally I'm done watching TV @_@
Me: this evening was just a complete mess.
Me: my mom was feeling sick so I was planning on making curry for dinner
Me: but then I remembered that the Heroes season premier was on tonight just like 30 seconds before it began
Me: so I started watching that
Me: and then it turned out it's TWO HOURS LONG
SanCerulean: o.o wow
Me: so I had to scrap my plans for making curry
Me: and since Gurren Lagann was coming on right after Heroes finished
Me: I had to keep rushing back to the kitchen during commercials trying to make myself something to eat, since my mom already ate ramen without me
SanCerulean: xD I see
Me: which is why I was so busy and distracted for the past four hours @_@
SanCerulean: I see
SanCerulean: it all makes sense now!
SanCerulean: \o/

So far, the third season of Heroes is a complete joke. Seriously, I was laughing my ass off half the time, and the other half I was just going "WHUT?" Only two episodes in and it's already a train wreck. Apparently no one dies anymore (well, unless you're a minor character). And Mohinder seems to be turning into a cockroach. ROFLMAO.

Though there was a surprisingly great line from Sylar: "Eat your brains? ...Claire, that's disgusting."

As for Dubben Lagann, ARGH STOP CUTTING OUT SCENES and hahaha omg Cytomander was great. Dub Rossiu is still adorable. And it's nice that they finally changed the OP, even though there will only be two more episodes (including the recap) where it'll be used. :/

EDIT: OMG I almost forgot. Cold Case season premiere this Sunday~~ *o*
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