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Gurren Lagann Movie SPOILER Post

Wheee I'll be dumping spoilers and opinions I find on 2ch here. Will be continually updated. +_+

"My Bro is dead, he's no longer here!!" spoiler on the front cover of the movie pamphlet LOLOL.
Also, comparing the storyboard to the TV version, looks like the scene might be newly animated for the movie?

"How about spoilers from the pamphlet?
I burst out laughing at Yoko's personal Dayakkaiser"

"It ends only around episode 14 of the TV series, I wonder if they're going to conclude it in the next movie?
Looks like they can finish it by using new developments in the second half like this time"

"The contents were similar to the new Eva with the first half being a remake and the second half being original.
Chouginga Ra__ngan suddenly appearing made me speechless."

Someone asks: "You say the second half is original, but is that just the animation, while the script and outline of the story is the same?"
Answer: "The outline is the same, but the developments and scenario are completely different"

"Seeing it for the first time, it was all I could do to just keep up with what was going on
I don't know how much I should spoil, but the second half felt like they were pulling together episodes 10-14 with fighting spirit
Also, Simon, Nia, and Yoko's voices sounded younger than in the TV version
I especially like Simon and Nia in the movie version more"

"I somehow felt like crying during the part with the song at the end
The visuals are simple, but it really gets to you..."

"With Viral's line 'I, too!' and his new machine, I inadvertantly realized that he got promoted at that point"

"In the recap, Yoko seems like the main character
Simon only seemed like that at the end"

"It was worth seeing just how they would carve up the TV story, but to think that they would tamper with the story developments that much, it honestly surprised me.
Whether it's a change for the worse or an improvement I guess I'll decide by looking at the majority opinion in this thread"

"Simon's lack of presence, the way Nia felt pasted on
If you look at it as Yoko being the lead, then it's understandable"

"The end had a festive movie atmosphere that made me think Ohhh!, but as expected, it can't surpass the TV episode 11
Yoko and the Black Siblings are better in the movie
Simon and Nia are better in the TV version
As for voices, other than Nia's voice sounding higher than in the TV version, nothing felt out of place for me"

"If Yomako-sensei is the lead in Lagann-hen, I will cry" AHAHAhahahaha... ._.

"The guy in the opening scene goes resembling Nia -> resembling Simon -> gattai -> Chouginga Ra__ngan
Taking that, I wonder if this time it can be interpreted that he's the person in the opening of the TV version?"

"Sure, Yoko did stand out, but I didn't think it was to the point of encroaching on a lead role.
The last battle went Simon's highlight scene -> Yoko's highlight scene -> super robots
So I think Simon played a more active role than in the TV version too
Rather, how Viral got washed away so easily even after he got promoted was pitiful"

"It was good that they sped past the scenes that had nothing to do with the story
There was laughter in the building during the bath scene
But I didn't want them to change the episode 11 story after all
It felt like there was a piece missing..."

"The Four Generals combined at the end, but their attack was just shooting a missile....
I wonder how it would have been if two more of them were added in there?"

"No, Simon and Nia were both in there, at least enough to be the lead character and heroine
Nia was almost entirely redrawn too
It's just that Yoko-san made a bigger impression than that"

"I laughed at how Rossiu and Kittan's stories were mostly skipped
The fight with the Four Generals was also settled all at once"

"The opening scene was incredibly cool
They did a good job condensing it, but as expected, if you skip anything from episode 9 to 11, it's less moving"

"There was a mountain load of new scenes and redrawn parts, but episode 4 was still in good health.
You should see the movie thinking it's a film made by President Rossiu for propaganda" LOL

"It's a movie that makes you realize again how incredible the TV version is
The anime was fast-paced to begin with, so in the long run the movie feels like a recap and it's not as emotionally inspiring
The highlights of the movie are how cool the opening and Simon's come-back declaration are
I think that if they're going to make the second half of the movie original, it would have been better if they made the whole thing a parallel story~"

"It's not that the 'episode 11' is inferior
Rather, the 'episode 11' part was given a power-up
I think the problem is 'episode 9 and 10'
There wasn't enough of the down feeling, Nia's introduction feels even more abrupt, and there was less of Simon being down
But I think at least the developments of 'episode 11' were powered-up more than the TV version"

Yaaaay, finally someone writes a long review!

"My personal highlights from Gurren-hen. Beware of spoilers.

-The opening scene has become Lord Genome's past story (Yoshinari's Gurrepala)
-The Chouginga Razengan that appears in the past story
-The first half is basically the same as the TV version. Certain places were skipped.
-Episodes 4-6 are shown as sort of a reminiscence of meeting the Black Siblings, Rossiu, Gimmy, and Darry
-Yoko has original scenes added into places such as staying up all night studying, and a scene taking from the footage of the early OP
-To make up for there not being much of episodes 9-10, Simon's broken state is given a stronger impression
-Nia introduces herself to the Dai-Gurren-dan on her own as the "Helix King's First Princess Nia"
-After which Simon gives Nia a horrible glare (Nia goes to apologize to him later)
-Nia's strength is emphasized
-Adiane, Guame, and Cytomander all attack together
-Viral rides a new mecha called "Daiganzandu". It's a Enkidu-like Daiganzan.
-Simon climbs up Shuzack to rescue Nia
-Starting with King Kittan DX, all of the secondary Gunmen pilots are given a stronger impression
-Yoko VS Adiane
-The Four Generals' battleships combine. Viral takes Thymilph's place.
-To fight against them, Gurren-Lagann and the Dai-Gurren-dan Gunmen use "Giga Drill Break Dai-Gurren-dan Special" and crush the Four Generals
-Yoko rides a Gunmen named Yoko M Tank for a little while. It's a pink Dayakkaiser.
-Nia stands in front of Kamina's grave."

"People who are seeing Gurren Lagann for the first time will enjoy the first half more. Because for people who've seen it before, the omitted parts would bother you. But from the second half, the developments are hotblooded and showy. It felt like time flew by really fast. Two hours are pretty short after all... Also, this time Kamina and Kittan were especially cool.
Conclusion: They must appear in Super Robot Wars"

"King Kittan DX was cooler than the TV
The other secondary Gunmen also had great highlight scenes"

Question: "About Yoshinari's Gurrepala, was it shown in full? Like with the music along with it?"
Answer: "I haven't seen the real thing so I don't know, but it was probably arranged. Because Lord Genome had lines."

"The opening scene's BGM was Libera me from hell"

"With the opening, the area between episode 8 and Simon's revival, shota Guinble, and the endroll, I cried four times" SHOTA GUINBLE?! XD

"In the Adiane VS Yoko, Yoko's bra came off, but they were skillfully able to hide her nipples with her hair" HAHAHA

"Simon originally isn't a character who stands out much in the first half, but because he starts acting like the main character in the middle and makes a strong impression, people start expecting that from the beginning, and maybe that's why they felt unsatisfied?"

"I didn't think that 'Yoko is the lead' immediately after seeing it either.
Because of this thread, I'm surprised to find that there are people who think that.
Even originally, Simon in the first arc is just a young boy tagging along with his bro, and until his come-back he's only half a man. Because they placed that revival scene at the end, it's inevitable that it would look like 'he's only the main character at the end.' Conversely, Yoko was given good changes, so maybe that's why it feels like she's been favoured."

"Because a lot of Simon and Nia's scenes from the TV version were cut
And in comparison, Yoko had added parts
So I can understand why people would see her as the main character
But like Yoshinari said, Yoko had hardly any highlight scenes in the 2nd arc and was barely touched on, and that's why Yoko's complementation in the movie is great"

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