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I am so dorky HAHAHAHA

So one day in the RPG, there was a role call for more anime characters, and so I suggested Kino. And then later I found out that OMG! Kino goes to high school!! :O
Which lead me to speculate on what AU-high-school!Kino might be like...the first thing I noticed was that it would be unusual for her to come late, since she wakes up so darn early. So something must have come up. I wonder what it could be?
Bad traffic perhaps? Because of course she'd ride a motorcycle, and of course it would be named Hermes. And she would be schizophrenic because she talks to it all the time. :D And she would still carry around knives and firearms which would be bad in any other high school but this is Mugenjou High so that's perfectly fine!!!
The other students would be afraid of her because she's crazy and dangerous. If anyone tried to bully her or anything, she'd just stare blankly at them and go "...I have no opinion." And the girls would all get crushes on her because they'd think she was a boy and be all like "ooooh he's the cool silent type teeheehee!"
And she'd never participate in class; instead, she'll sit in the very back and just observe. :D And her favorite class would be Creative Writing because for some reason I can just see her writing poetry all the time, and it'd be very Emily Dickinson in nature.
And last but not least, she'd never make any friends because she always transfers out on the third day!!! ^__^

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