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Re: Macross Frontier Episodes 17-22

Okay, first off, the "Lion" OP is gorgeous. So much eye and ear candy, I get caught up in it every time. @_@

Secondly, I find myself amused looking back on my first thoughts on this show and seeing how my opinions have changed since then.

Before: "I really like Alto as a protagonist"
Now: I've been frustrated with him for a while, because he never changes! D: I really hope he gets more character growth in the next episode.

Before: "I also admit to being all for Alto/Ranka; they're so cute"
Now: I've been quietly rooting for Sheryl/Alto since she gave him her earing. XD; And I actually think Ranka is better off without Alto. I'm proud of her for going off with Brera to face her past finally.

Before: "I'm mostly indifferent to Sheryll so far"
Now: Sheryl is probably my favorite character now, though I still prefer Ranka's singing to hers. She can be kind of a bitch at times, but I like her spunk and admire her strength. I also feel sorry for her, and that's probably my main reason for wanting her to end up with Alto- Ranka has a lot of people who love her, but Sheryl really only has Alto and Klan looking out for her now. Plus she's friggin dying, so. Dammit Alto, hurry up and kiss her. >:/

My favorite moment of hers is when she sang in the shelter in episode 20. My second favorite would have to be when she screeched "MY UNDERWEAR!!! D:<" back in that episode where she chased after her panties. XD;;;

I also am very fond of Ozma and Cathy. And OH GOD MICHEL/MICHAEL/MIKHAIL/WHATEVER HIS GODDAMN NAME IS. I was totally spoiled for that but ARGH. It was just so unnecessarily cruel. I was hoping that he and Klan would live to the end and have lots of babies together like a previous Macross couple... D: They just had to go for tragedy, didn't they?! Poor Klan...KICK LOTS OF ASS FOR HIM, GIRL.

Also, Brera is cute when he's with Ranka. >_> I know he'll most likely turn out to be her brother...well, he understands her better anyway.

Plot-wise... I've briefly read up on all the previous Macross shows, so seeing that the series is finally going to give some more light on the Protoculture thing after a few decades is undeniably exciting. I'll be looking forward to the remaining episodes~
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