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Um. What happened? I didn't have any of my stuff on there saved. o_o; I was considering continuing one of them someday... [EDIT: Oh good it's back.]

Both Code Geass and Seirei no Moribito ended on cliffhangers this week. Ahhhhhhhh! D:

I haven't been able to get back into the writing mood for the past few days. I was in the mood when my laptop died, to the point that I stayed up all night and morning because the words kept coming and I couldn't sleep. Which is why it was so frustrating not being able to retrieve the file. And now that I have it back...nothing's coming to me. *sigh*

But I'm thinking of waiting until Yoshinari's Parallel Works video comes out before finishing the chapter anyway. Because, well...without spoiling too much, the centerpiece of the chapter involves a battle with another Spiral race. I already know how the battle will play out, but my mental image of what the other Spiral races and their ships actually look like is incredibly vague. I kinda suck at creating aliens, or even giving names to them. Just having a bunch of Laganns flying around would be lame. And the only other source material I have to go on is a few still images from episodes 18 and 25...

But since the Yoshinari video is going to be used in the movie, it's essentially a new piece of canon, right? I mean, I suppose if I had to, I could get by with imagination and using vague descriptions. But I'd like to stick closer to canon if I could... At the very least, maybe it could inspire me a little. The point of the battle is to show how the previous Spiral Knights fought, so it would definitely be beneficial for me to know how they fought myself. And it's only like a week before the video goes online. I'm obviously not going to make my one-chapter-a-month resolution this time so... Guess I'll just concentrate on the non-action scenes for now. :/
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