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Uh, wtf?

I just submitted a review on, and it cut out like half of my entire review when it got posted. Well, the part that got cut was just a nitpick on a canon detail that isn't all that important anyway, but...WTF? Surely they don't have a word limit on reviews, because I've gotten longer reviews than that. I don't understand what happened. Stupid website.

Also, it's starting to annoy me how it's become ingrained in GL fandom that Viral is a catshark. He's not. He has shark and unspecified mammal genes. The 'cat' part was a mistranslation, but now 'catshark' has become so widespread that my correcting people wouldn't have any effect, and I would instead come off as a bitch for spoiling their fun. But I still can't help but twitch a little whenever people give him cat traits.

And I mind as well round off this post with another rant. I wish more people would actually contribute to this kink meme instead of just saying "WANT." There's really not enough writers in this fandom. And now that I've said that, I wonder how easy it would be to guess which ones I've written in there. How embarrassing. Good practice, though. Like Creative Writing class...with sex.

Ugh, I will post Otakon pictures tomorrow today. So damn lazy. T_T
Tags: fandom, fanfiction, gurren lagann, rant, writing

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