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Re: Dubben Lagann Episodes 3 & 4

Episode 3:

NOOOOO sped up OP again D:


abrupt commercial break #1!

here comes Viral...! "Nikopol" being sped up in the background? O.o

I like Viral's voice!

"I'm Kamina of Team Gurren, BABY!"

"Hey, how'd you get in here?"

wtf, it really sounds like the BGM is being sped up...

I really like Viral's voice. :D

"They're gonna get killed!" This line sounded really weak Yoko, I'm sorry.

abrupt commercial break #2!

I've never really understood why they're all "YOU SUCK" to Simon after this, btw. If he didn't "run away" at that point, both he and Kamina would have been DEAD. :/

"It's a place for MANLY souls"

Viral's voice while he's kicking Kamina's ass here is PERFECT, seriously

Simon RAGE moment incoming...!


"Oh please, honey" LOL LEERON

okay, I think this whole episode has been sped up a little, wtf.

"You like that, General Fuzzball?"

"You'll never understand, you FREAK!!"

woah, he actually said "son of a BITCH" instead of just "S.O.B." this time

"Yeah, beastmen!" Simon sounded so cute saying this XD

I notice that Leeron pronounces "Gurren" the Japanese way. :O

Episode 4:

sped up again... *sigh*

Boota sounds rather adorable~

"Remember our COMBINING, Simon? Our COMBINING?!?"

"My SHOULDERS, Simon! Jump on my SHOULDERS! Here, here here!" I LAUGHED SO HARD.

oh god Leeron's "attaboy" song XD

I don't know why but watching this episode with English dubbing is friggin HILARIOUS. It must be the animation.

lol the mouth flaps don't match at all

"Come on, Simon, comBIIIIINE!"

nice yell, Kittan

omg does Kittan have a Brooklyn accent XD

okay, maybe he doesn't

Kamina needs Gunmen insurance

oh god this is hilarious, I think the actors are able to be more freestyle in this episode

"Master Kamina!" Sisters sound perfect

...except Kiyoh sounds twice her age at times

Simon's "Let's just dig in! :E" cracked me up

ohg god the furballs' voices "That's all folks" DID HE SERIOUSLY JUST SAY THAT


wtf really badly timed commercial break

yaaay Yoko+Kittan moment

"Look, the stupid kid is running!"

Kittan sounds like he's trying to force a Brooklyn accent but not quite making it

"Heh. Now THAT's the way it's done."

Boota oh so adorable

"Bro, our arm! Drills are coming out of our arm!" why does this sound so funny

"Ha! Stuck you on a principle! Get it?" lololol

"Hey, you! Amateur 1.1!"

"Team Gurren: Home of All Things Manly" is this supposed to become a catchphrase?

Conclusion: Viral is good. I prefer episode 4 dubbed now because it actually makes me laugh.


EDIT 2: Dude, Taku Iwasaki did the music for Now and Then, Here and There too? I never realized this until now.
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