Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: The Mummy 3

Okay, I will say that it was fun to watch. However, it was not nearly as enjoyable as the first two films, and I don't plan on seeing it again. As a comparison, I had WAY more fun watching the new Indiana Jones movie. But anyway, let's get the negative stuff out of the way first.

Things I didn't like:
-Brendan Frasier and Evelyn's new actress had ZERO chemistry, ugh. Their love was still there in the writing, but acting-wise, it wasn't convincing. I tried substituting Rachel Weisz in my mind, just wasn't the same.
-The whole family squabble thing kinda made me think "BULLSHIT" considering how Rick went all-out saving his son in The Mummy Returns, and Alex knows it. I thought it was forced.
-Story wasn't great, though really, who the hell watches this for the story?
-Something was just...missing. I don't know how to explain it.

Things I did like:
-Michelle Yeoh.
-Michelle Yeoh VS Jet Li.
-Rick shooting at fish.
-Rick and Alex comparing their weapons was fun, as was every time they teamed up to kick ass.
-I love ancient Chinese stuff, so all that was pretty awesome to watch.
-Rick fighting the Dragon Emperor...a clash of completely different fighting styles and Rick getting knocked around as usual.
-Alex and his new Chinese ninja girlfriend. Because they reminded me of Al/Mei, okay? I admit it.

Also, OMG HARRY POTTER TRAILER. I haven't been keeping up with any HP news so it took me completely by surprise. It was all about Tom Riddle/Voldemort and so dark lol. Book 6 was my least favorite in the series, but...I'll be honest. I'm excited.
Tags: harry potter, movies

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