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Re: GL subs episodes 10-18

Yup, I got my DVD yesterday~ Here's my review plus some samples of the translations.

There are song subtitles now! ...except for "UNDERGROUND" and "Minna no Peace." O.o

I like how the disc colors reflect the characters (at least I think that's what they're doing?). The first set had red and blue for Kamina and Simon. This set has light red and light pink for Yoko and Nia.

I love the translations for Nia's dialogue. XD

"Yes, now I see! You are a pissing-off person!"

"Well met, my good pig-mole."

WTF, episode 11 isn't the corrected version! Episode 17 and 18 why not 11?!

"My Bro is dead. He's gone.
But he's on my back! In my heart! He lives on as part of me!
If you're gonna dig, dig to breach the heavens.
Even if it's my own grave I'm digging, I keep going!
Once I've dug my way through, that means I've won!"

"Who the hell do you think I am?
I'm Simon.
I'm not my Bro, Kamina. I'm ME!
Simon the Digger!"

Episode 15 looks FRIGGIN INCREDIBLE! *_*

Gulaparl = Grapearl. Whaaaat. I thought "Gulaparl" was the official spelling according to Gainax? I mean, that's what they had on the website... Hmm, the Final Drill mook has it as "Grapeal"... But since the name is supposed to originate from "Gurren Lagann ga ippai aru!"... Gah, I don't know anymore.

I like the translations for post-timeskip Simon's dialogue. Though not completely literal at times, it's noticeably more bad-mouthed and cocky just like in the Japanese. :D

"I'm sick of you and your lightshow! I'm gonna take this crappy beam of yours and shove it down your throat!"

"And that's how it's done."

Randomly, the translations for Jougan and Barinbou (uh...Jorgun and Balinbow) are great. XD They crack me up.

Episode 18 looks REALLY good now with all the corrections. I think they must have re-animated like half of the entire episode. I need to watch it again just to admire everything.

EDIT: Unrelated, but I recently discovered that some people have been pimping my fanfic on 4chan. I am so flattered. :D
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