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Re: X-Files The Movie

My non-spoilery review: Screw the critics, I LIKED IT.

The story was a fairly typical x-file. Nothing too over-the-top, especially compared to the first movie. But it still made me squirm in my seat and we were scared walking back through the dark parking lot, so it did what it was supposed to do.

But really, this was a fanservice movie. If you already love the characters, then I can pretty much guarantee you will walk away satisfied. I know there were a couple of scenes that made me cheer inwardly. :)


In other news, I've decided that I will go see The Mummy 3 next week. Mostly because I finally bought the first movie on DVD a while ago and it came with a free movie ticket. So why not, right? Also, I forgot to mention that I saw Journey to the Center of the Earth a couple of weeks ago- which was entertaining, though utterly unmemorable. But it's always fun to see Brendan Frasier screaming and hitting things, and ultimately that's enough to make me happy.
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