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Re: Slayers Revolution Episode 4


Am I the only one who really likes Pokota so far? He's such a brat. XD And I figured out why I like his voice so much- he has the same seiyuu as Azuma Kazuma from Yakitate!! Japan!

Also, Amelia + Pokota = CUUUUUUTE. I honestly kinda wanted to see her adopt him with Zelgadis. XD

And Lina & Gourry reminded me too much of Team Rocket in this episode. It doesn't help that Megumi Hayashibara voices Musashi in Pokemon too.

Now while I still find the show very entertaining (aside from episode 3, where the jokes were getting old, though Gourry's new jellyfish friend made up for that), I just wish there would be some kind of plot soon. But the next episode looks like it might be heading in that direction. XELLOS~!

EDIT: Yaaay, I just got a shipping confirmation for the second Gurren Lagann DVD. Looks like I'll be getting it early again~
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