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Re: Ember Island Players

First of all: LMAO. Oh, the writers know the fandom well. XD I especially loved the part about Zuko's hair and Toph's sonar. And Zuko's scar being on the wrong side. XD And Jet's death...that was so horrible, but LOL. These guys seriously must have been reading all the fans' reactions.

Second: OH GREAT, NOW THEY'RE ALL TRAUMATIZED.....LOL. XD Though considering it's a Fire Nation play, it really couldn't have ended any other way. Zuko's death scene made me crack up, especially how his face went all: O.O

Other stuff:
-YAY they managed to fit in some more Zuko+Toph interaction after all! :D That was so adorable!
-Oh, Sokka. Never change. XD
-I feel sorry for Aang. Honestly...I don't see Kataang happening at this point. But I've already been spoiled about that...well, I'll see what happens soon enough. (DON'T SPOIL ME ANYMORE PLEASE)

EDIT: Ahaha, did Zuko even know that Jet died before this play?
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