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Avatar stuff

So, Avatar's been airing on TV again. And I've been watching everyday. It's great. :D Mom and I have essentially watched most of the third season in less than one week, and by tomorrow, we'll have seen all of it. I had to get her caught up on the first half over the weekend, because she hasn't been able to see any of the third season thanks to the stupid scheduling. I am amused that she doesn't like Katara, and thinks Zuko should be a comedian (though she seems a bit more sympathetic toward Katara after The Southern Raiders).

Speaking of The Southern Raiders...strangely, my favorite part of the episode was the fight between Zuko and Azula. Mostly because Zuko is FINALLY KICKING ASS FOR ONCE and because Azula is obviously starting to become (even more) crazy since Mai and Ty Lee turned on her. Methinks she's jealous of Zuko now. HAHAHA.

Also, Sokka & Suki = LOL ♥

Sokka & Zuko = BFF. These two are pretty fun together. XD

There could have been more Zuko & Katara interaction. There honestly wasn't much, other than the nice tension in the beginning. It was fun seeing them be ninjas and kick ass together, but not much actual bonding... :/ And the hug wasn't quite as emotional as I hoped it would be? It was pretty much just "Hey thanks for helping me, I appreciate it." And Zuko was just like "Cool, she'll stop being a bitch to me now."

...I suppose there's no time for Toph to have a little fieldtrip with Zuko now, huh? D:

Am looking forward to tonight's episode for some laughs. Not really looking forward to the Aang/Katara stuff...I dunno, sometimes I feel it, and sometimes I don't. I'm pretty much indifferent at this point. And tomorrow will be planned around watching the Avatar finale. SO EXCITED.

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